This past Saturday October 4, 2014 at around 8:00 AM while attempting to attend an advertised event, Coffee and Cars, at Marna O’Brien Park
(This event is listed on revised notice received September 4, 2014 from City of Wildomar)
a problem arose at the park, besides the fact this event had apparently been cancelled, as a couple of cars drove by only to find no one present so they moved on, as I was about to do as well.
This problem required immediate attention or it had the potential to damage infrastructure at the park along with neighboring property which could have cost the City of Wildomar some big bucks.
No where in the park is a list of emergency contact numbers, as this problem did not require 9-1-1 I went home and e-mailed the City Manager and Assistant City Manager at 8:15 AM, not knowing when I would receive an answer I took the initiative to contact another agency to resolve the problem.
This other agency also attempted to contact someone, anyone at the city to no avail. Thankfully this agency arrived at the park and was able resolve the problem by 9:15 AM an to prevent further damage from occurring. The first response to my e-mails arrived from the City Manager at 9:15 AM
Had I not stopped by the park and another citizen not familiar with the City of Wildomar and surrounding agencies seen this they would not have know who to call and this incident could have become quite expensive for the city. Far more expensive than utilizing the bulletin board located on the utility building in the park to post a list of emergency contact numbers and making sure someone is available to respond.
The agency I contacted to deal with the problem appears to use an answering service, much like doctors, to triage the calls and pass on the information to the best person to respond who then make contact to further assess the situation.
It would be nice if the event would have occurred as advertised as well.

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