Could it be that the City of Wildomar does not wish to answer questions about which is more important. Has this resulted in the cancellation of the previously scheduled Measure Z Oversight Advisory Committee meeting, without explanation. This meeting was originally scheduled for July 23, 2015 but will now not occur until August 27, 2015.
(The meeting schedule was established by the Measure Z Oversight Committee during the February 28, 2013 meeting “It was the consensus of the Committee to have regular quarterly meetings on the fourth Thursday of the month at 6:30 p.m. in April, July, October, and January.”)
This decision can be found in the following:
City of Wildomar Measure Z Oversight Committee Minutes of February 28, 2013 found in the Measure Z Oversight Advisory Committee Agenda Packet for the July 25, 2013 Meeting – Consent Calendar Item #1.1 page 8 of 36 of the pdf.
Page 2 of the February 28, 2013 minutes General Business Item #2.1 Committee Member Orientation
Strange that the link to this file on the City of Wildomar Parks Website @ http://www.cityofwildomarparks.org/ is broken so I will provide the pdf I have on file.
7-25-2013 Agenda Packet

During the July 2015 meeting a questionnaire was to be discussed which each committee member was to have filled out beforehand and returned to the city manager in time to be included in the agenda packet. This questionnaire was prepared supposedly so that each member could visit each of three parks and give an end of the year assessment of each.
A similar assessment made in July of 2015 was not submitted to the city council nor seen by a majority of the public until the annual report was completed in February of 2015, a full 7 months after the end of the fiscal year.

A portion of this form deals with what each member considers to be personally important as they are to complete this assessment individually due to the “BROWN ACT” which prevents more than 2 members discussing committee business.

As this meeting has been cancelled for another month and the end of the fiscal year has come and gone I will give you my take on the present condition of Wildomar’s parks.
This article will concentrate on Marna O’Brien Park as this is referred to as the Premier Sports Park in town and it is the location of most of the events conducted by the city.

Let’s start with “You be the Judge” of what is more important.
Are New “Home Plates” important for the 3 baseball fields that started out in need of replacement 1 1/2 years ago and now don’t exist as the following series of picture show.

Waffle Bottom Homeplate med-baseball-softball
Cost = Anywhere from $80 – $150 each add new pitching rubber for $25 each for a total cost of between $315 – $525 3 ball diamonds could have been partially refurbished

Taken in January of this year notice its upside down

This is for pitchers with a mean left handed curveball

Take in March of 2015

Take in March of 2015

Not even on the field any longer

Whats left a little more than a year after the parks where “rehabilitated” and re-opened on April 12, 2014

In Wildomar it appears its more important that people remember who is responsible for local control therefore more important.

Bronze Plagues costing the taxpayer $1,947.24

Page 24 of 69 of the pdf (Page 2 of Community Services Expenditures found on page 20 of the report)

Found on the wall of the utility building

Found on the wall of the utility building

A replacement for the original plaque.

A replacement for the original plaque.

A name on one of the plaques is responsible for the infamous “40K Anonymous Donor” announced for the “Great Day of Service” held to rehabilitate the parks.

The anonymous donor turned out to be

YOU – The Citizens of Wildomar

So suspect is the expenditure of this $1,947.24 that it appears in the final audit for 2013-14 (which ended on June 30, 2014)
A voucher #203507 dated July 3, 2014 is found in the Voucher List or Warrant Register of July 3, 2014. (Three days after the end of the fiscal year) This item is scheduled for pick up on July 15, 2014 a full 2 weeks after the close of the fiscal year.

Confused, so am I.

b. A voucher authorizing payment or receipt of money

When a city starts to stretch out the year, first by a couple of days, where does it really end.
See Agenda Item #1.5 of the Consent Calendar Page 37 of 358 of the pdf.

Rather than almost $2,000.00 for plaques the city might have considered replacing the backboards for those ball diamonds along with the home plates and pitchers rubbers


Or the end caps to the bleacher before someone cuts themselves on the sharp screws.(At least remove the screws) These end caps have been missing since before opening day.

Many of these have been missing since opening day

Many of these have been missing since opening day

Possibly replacing the U-Bolts holding the backs on the bleachers before the trampoline action destroys them.
Notice the bars across the back are now swayback

Let us continue with what is more important in Wildomar.

Destroying the ADA required accessibility with the removal of a ramp into the Tot-Lot so that a poorly designed apparatus could be introduced and later removed after a Certified Playground Safety Inspection (CPSI) inspection determined it had to go.

Notice the ADA ramp and the springer toy are now both gone

Replaced by this

Haste allowed this “nice idea” to go awry with no planned supervision and poor installation.
A week after installation the cross bar is turning down

This could be caused by the uninstalled hardware

Even at that within 2 weeks
Part are breaking and within one and a half months


Following a CPSI inspection on October 19, 2014 a Sunday morning GONE Adding insult to injury the city is attempting to charge the Measure Z fund for this inspection while dividing it up amongst three parks. Voucher 204135 was written on December 8, 2014 for $587.25 and shown on the 3rd quarter report as $192.75 for each park.

Prior to the October inspection of the Tot-Lot one was done, begrudgingly, in August of 2014. The begrudging comes when this inspection was not performed before the parks reopened as promised in a press release of March 6, 2014. The cities insurance carrier PARSAC granted monies for this much needed inspection.

In the August 6, 2014 inspection it was noted that the Marna O’Brien Tot-Lot lacked the necessary signage. Page 6 of the report states:
Add signage which lists: age group, supervision recommended, and to remove helmets and drawstrings. The signs also need to warn of hot surfaces.
This was never completed.

Wildomar's sign

Wildomar’s sign

Canyon Hill Park, Lake Elsinore (Front)

Canyon Hill Park, Lake Elsinore (Front)

Lake Elsinore (Back of sign)

Lake Elsinore (Back of sign)

The signs in Lake Elsinore are located at the primary entrance to the TOT-LOT before a child has a chance to reach a hot surface.

More important in Wildomar was for someone to get a merit badge by delivering to the citizens another well thought out and executed project.

Taken July 17th

Taken July 17th

This is less than three weeks after installation

The list goes on and on. The end result is the citizens of Wildomar are getting short changed as usual so that some individuals can pat themselves on the back and claim a job well done.

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