While researching the documentation that was used to compile the Measure Z audit it became apparent some of the numbers just did not add up.

Going back over voucher list (checks written by the city) one can not help noticing large gaps in the numbering sequence.

These amounts spent were approved by the city council in what is called a consent calendar.
All matters listed under the Consent Calendar are considered routine and will be enacted by one roll call vote. There will be no separate discussion.
This item isn’t used often, except in specialized organizations such as public legislative bodies or a large professional society’s house of delegates. A consent calendar quickly processes a lot of noncontroversial items that can be disposed of quickly by placing them on a list (the consent calendar) of items to be adopted all at once.

The trouble here is Council members are required to trust that staff has done their job.

As a result of these gaps it became necessary to make a public records request of 79 missing vouchers which were issued during a 18 month period.

The city council might consent to this type of sloppy work but not I. In the future I will be more diligent as should you.

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