While walking about town, doing my part for the environment, I came across a sidewalk that had been repaired most likely by the City of Wildomar.

Uplifted sidewalk

Uplifted sidewalk

Other edge of one slab being lifted by root.

Other edge of one slab being lifted by root.

I got to wondering if the city is going to wait for the trees uplifting the sidewalk to reach an age that would place them into Heritage Status at which time the city could claim they are no longer allowed to remove them thereby stopping the damage to city property.
Another slab further along the way

Another slab further along the way

Not to mention the damage that will occur to the block wall bordering Palomar Street that the city will most likely have to repair for the homeowners being as these trees are on city property.
Won't be long before the wall is affected

Won’t be long before the wall is affected

In the mean time the uplifting is creating a safety hazard for the citizens using this sidewalk which could result in a person tripping and falling.
Ha Ha thought it was about the park didn’t you. Although the debris in the gutter will be there shortly.


  1. WildomarWatcher

    Here again is evidence that the city’s deferred maintenance of existing infrastructure is affecting the safety and appearance of our streets, gutters, curbs and sidewalks. These problems and others exist through the city, and failing to address these problems will only result in more damage and great repair costs.

    This is another example of poor planning – whether from older projects approved by the county or newer ones being approved by the city. We are told that water run off is wasteful, but lead agencies continue to approved grading plans with sloping front yards that inherently contribute to water runoff. And, builders are allowed to plant trees without any thought to there size at maturity and the fact that their root systems require greater space.

    The city needs to take care of existing infrastructure and maintaining the neighborhoods we already have, instead of running off to yet one more commercial builders’ convention. And, EVMWD needs to stop issuing wholesale “will serve” letters for large new tracks of homes while telling existing homeowners they must cut water use or face mandatory water rationing!

    Let me add that the answer to these problem does NOT and should NOT depend on increasing taxes. The city needs to better manage the revenues it already has and stop their expansion of staff, city hall facilities, and frivolous programs.


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