A city council that wishes to be trusted with the local control that was promised during the fight to gain cityhood continues to approve nonsensical documents such as the one shown.

Notice of Completion

This official document will be recorded in the County Recorder’s Office at the County of Riverside notifying all concerned that the Residential Slurry Project for Fiscal Year 2013/14 has satisfactorily been completed.

One has to wonder what the “Enhancement of the safety of certain routes to Ronald Reagan Elementary School which is on the east side of the freeway has to do with a project that occurred on the west side of the freeway primarily in the Windsong Tract and Regency Tract of homes.

NOC Line 4

This along with the cracks already returning only a few months after completion rather than the 5-6 years and the weeds already growing up through the slurry shows the continued apathy this city council displays towards its citizens.
Council members are so wrapped up in everybody else’s business they have no time for Wildomar.

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