The bids are in and it doesn’t look pretty. They range from a low of $30,696.00 to a high of ?, doesn’t matter what the high was we always go with the cheapest.
Is this bid sufficient to provide the citizens of Wildomar with a quality apparatus in our parks. Think about this, the cities “Engineers Estimate is shown as $25,000 total with no breakdown of the nine items required to be broken down by the bidders. (It was also added as part of an addendum, not in the original packet)
Another thing to consider, as part of the bid packet the bidder agrees to commence work within 15 days of being notified their bid was accepted. As this project is less than $50,000.00 the city manager can sign off without city council approval.

The last attempt to install this backyard device resulted in its removal 22 days after it was installed. At that time “safety chains” were missing, some had broken clasp.


A device for self propulsion was spinning about freely (it’s chain missing) set screws had fallen out along with several bolts having been omitted during installation.

Set Screw fell out and was given to parks maintenance

The shaft protruding from the cross bar should be parallel to the ground. This is 5 days after installation

Numerous bolts from day one had been protruding unsafely creating a hazard, some even had sharp edges having been hacksawed during installation.
The last installation was done supposedly to the “Manufactures Installation Instructions”, the same process that is called for this time.

This swing was removed after a inspection was done by a Certified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI) on a Sunday morning no less. All of the reasons for removal do not appear to have been considered during this re-installation process. See for yourself, attached is that inspection.

wheelchair playground summary 10-19-2014 Draft
Look closely at the “use zones” and the inspectors notes.

The cities current solution to misuse of this device is to erect a 4 foot tall fence, with top-rail, around the perimeter of this apparatus with a sign proclaiming
“This swing is for use by disabled persons in wheelchairs. All users must be accompanied by a least one adult. When not in use this swing shall be locked in place.”
Included will be U-Bolts to secure the swing in place during the loading process and when the swing is not in use. (Problem – who is going to be responsible for the key to this lock if there is one as the bid document also states “secure the platform to the U-Bolts with a chain or cable and appropriate locks”)

The last time this apparatus was installed multiple children at a time would swing not “to and fro” as designed but side to side and cattywampus
translation = on the diagonal).
If anyone thinks this will change because of an additional sign or a short fence, think again.
Without a proper “Parks Department” and parks personnel to monitor this apparatus ensuring it is locked when not in use and being present to unlock it on the rare occasion it will be used it, will be abused, primarily because it is fun and children go to the park to have fun.


  1. Kate Marner

    All of this is so heartbreaking. Ashley worked so hard to get this swing installed, and the city of Wildomar has ruined all of her hard work.


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