This page will show all of the approved trails of the City of Wildomar as depicted on the official City of Wildomar Trails Map adopted by the City on through the eyes of my cheap camera phone.
I am going to start at the top of the list with N-S-01 and work my through the list.

Links to sites containing information on the local trails of Wildomar.
This is a link to the local Sierra Club Santa Margarita Group which encompasses Southwest Riverside County. The Santa Margarita Group is a part of the San Gorgonio Chapter, serving the Inland Area of Southern California since 2008.
This is the facebook page for the above group

5 thoughts on “TRAILS OF WILDOMAR

  1. WildomarWatcher

    Many or most of the trails on the map are not clean or in good condition to be used, and some of them actually do not presently existing except on paper. If we are to improve and expand Wildomar’s trail system, money and resources will have to be found to work on them.

    1. Kenny Post author

      I’m still walking the trails and taking pictures along the way. You are correct in that many of these trails are little more than a rough dirt shoulder of a road littered with a lot of trash. The new DIF collects some moneys but the city has no process for determining how they are going to be spent.

  2. Day

    Used to have my own website for fun, but I ran outta cash for that. The trails in Wildomar are dangerous and shouldn’t confused for any city nature walk. We live a in a desert along some really great earthquake faults. You can easily run into rattlesnakes, bees, and even lions in a rare spot or to. The trails of Wildomar require cleanliness, and more traverseable footpaths n bridges. We need paths that go over and around the bush, and to take you away from cars. It is too easy to get lost on a Wildomar trail, and even die from dehydration! Too many bad things can happen to you out there, and in Wildomar it isn’t always easy to getting out of trouble once your in it. There are many places one can go where nobody will find you, and can be any unusual path people normally don’t check. It always hot outside, there glass and graffiti everywhere, but one cannot live forever amongst speeding cars.

    1. Kenny Post author

      You observations are spot on. Many of the trails in Wildomar are nothing more than the shoulder of a road. These are littered with trash and other obstacles such as parked cars, fences,etc primarily because we don’t have the money for a proper public works and city staff can’t be bothered with volunteers. Wildlife is slowing is slowly becoming a thing of the past and at the rate they are building the wildest thing one will see is a house cat. As to traffic, Wildomar has a rare asset, the Murrieta Creek, which the City of Wildomar is doing everything it can squeeze it as small a space as possible eliminating any possibility for a truly first class trail. Instead we waste money on painted lines along busy rural freeways.

  3. WildomarWatcher

    The people of Wildomar DO want to have a good trail system which hopefully be connected to the National Forrest and the trails in our surrounding cities. However, over the past six years there has been little or no actual progress in getting our trails cleaned and enhanced – even with active volunteer groups willing to pitch in with some of the labor. Here again the city has done little real planning or taken advantage of these volunteer groups. What could be one of the city’s premier attractions is left wasting away for lack of interest and support from the existing city council.

    Like the parks that were reopened with a lot of political whoopla, but sans any serious safety precautions, without the required professional inspections and the promised security systems. This city-hood business has turned our community into quite a mess. We need a change of leadership at the city council level and some systematic re-evaluation of Wildomar’s staff performance.


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