This page will list each of the 7 drainage lines (to date)A-G and their extensions located primarily in the northeast section of Wildomar and around the high school. Included will be a description with drawings showing where they are supposed to be located and what waters along with quantities they are supposed to collect.

As a side note, the drawings refer to a Q number. This is the amount of rainfall in cubic feet per second (cfs) expected to collect and flow down a certain channel, be it a concrete pipe, open channel or low spot in the land.

This number can be translated directly into gallons per minute, therefore a crude example of Q = 50 would translate into 50 gallons a second or tipping over a 50 gallon barrel every second for the duration of a storm. (This is the maximum flow during a 100 year event.)

These drawing list sizes of 24″, 33″, 66″, etc. This is the size of the pipe buried in the ground used to direct the flow of water.

Also listed are numbers for b = bottom width, d = depth of channel, and ss = angle of side slope.

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