At the most recent Wildomar City Council Meeting held on February 12, 2014 a plaque was presented to Supervisor Kevin Jeffrey’s for his efforts related to the turning over of money collected by Riverside County that rightfully belongs to the City of Wildomar.

I like Supervisor Jeffrey’s and applaud his efforts in cleaning up the books of Riverside County in a attempt to get the county financially on track.

What I despise is the attempt by the City Council in making this presentation is the mentioning of Supervisor Jeffrey’s help in turning over to the City of Wildomar the Eastside Parkland and $300,000 in Quimby Fees in the same breath as the $661,859 additional monies now being turned over, leaving one to believe there would be almost 1 MILLION DOLLARS available for the new park.

Just as when the $300,000 was turned over with the new parkland, the City of Wildomar failed to mention this money had already been earmarked for a DG Trail at the new park.

What was not mentioned with the announcement of this new money is that it is already earmarked for projects not yet completed.
1. $3,350 for maintenance of 300 feet of 60 inch storm drain line at Elizabeth Lane and Clinton Keith
2.$508,442.08 for 1500 feet of Curbs Gutters and Sidewalk on La Estrella between David Lane and Via Sarah. It will be years and many homes into future before this is done as a bridge needs to be built connecting two sections of La Estella.
3.$65,801 for Curbs Gutters Sidewalks and Paving on La Estrella from Crossroads westerly 700 feet.
4. $45,889.86 for 700 feet of half median project on Palomar at Meadow Ridge Lane.
5. $38,376.00 for 600 feet of offsite road at Starbuck Circle and Palomar St.

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