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While going over the financial reports provided to the public and the commission 3 days prior to the Measure Z Oversight Committee meeting, the agenda packet contains some very creative accounting.
1. The electric bill for Marna O’Brien (mind you none of the bills nor the warrant registers list a meter number) has not only “not increased” over the last 3 months, it had been going up at a rate of $850.00 a quarter or 3 month period when the parks were closed. The total for the sucker went down 45 cents even though the park has been open for the last quarter.
2. The phone bill for Marna O’Brien has also managed to go down 24 cents over the same period after going up a little over $27.00 a month for the 9 previous months.
3. It’s funny there is a payment for the movies that have been rented for summer movie nights but no mention of the rental for the screen, speakers and close captioning equipment the city has written checks for.
4. There is a payment to a paving company, out of Measure Z funds, for work at Marna O’Brien Park after a City of Wildomar Press Release on March 20, 2014 which clearly states that “The activities that the grant will fund include: 1. Pavement failure at Marna O’Brien Park; 2. Playground equipment inspection at the parks;
Speaking of number 2 over the years having had numerous pieces of equipment undergo periodic inspections, the inspecting company has always affixed an inspection sticker stating the name of the company, date of inspection and the name or number of the inspector. No such information is listed on any of the tot lot equipment and no check written by the city can be found in the warrant registers.
Conclusion; we been snookered once again. Like the $12,000 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) for camera’s a Marna O’Brien Park that was approved way back in December of 2009.

Maybe for a movie in the park night they can show the “GDOS Movie” the City of Wildomar paid $2,592.00 dollars for.


UPDATE: With 50 hours to go at 4:07 and again 4:09 received an e-mail notification that the regular meeting of April 24, 2014 has been adjourned to May 1, 2014 same time, same place due to a staff scheduling conflict.

Notice with an agenda of an upcoming event scheduled to occur on April 24, 2014 at 6:30 pm in the council chambers located at 23873 Clinton Keith Road.

The City of Wildomar who has pledged on several occasions in the past to adhere to the requirements of the “Brown Act” has failed once again in its duties to due so. Will they as they have in the past step back and have a do over on a different date or will plow ahead totally disregarding its citizens right to be properly informed in a timely manner with all of the pertinent information.

What the hell am I talking about.

CITY OF WILDOMAR MEASURE Z OVERSIGHT ADVISORY COMMITTEE scheduled for Thursday Night, April 24, 2014 has not been properly noticed 72 hours prior, per the Brown Act. In order for that to have occurred notice would have had to been post by 6:30 pm on Monday April 21, 2014.