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trap sign

The recent installation of radar signs along Grand Avenue during the middle of August located northwest and southeast of David A. Brown Middle School leaves one wondering just how much research went into preparing for this action by the City of Wildomar.

Approaching from the northwest.

Approaching from the northwest.

Approaching from the southeast.

Approaching from the southeast.

The previous speed limit on this stretch of Grand Avenue was 45 M.P.H. which was established after an engineering and traffic study was conducted. This study resulted in an 85 percentile speed of 50 M.P.H. which was lower by 5 M.P.H. as allowed by state law when doing so will result in a safer condition for that stretch of roadway.

The MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices), a document issued by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) of the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT), has specified standards regarding signs
Section 2B.13 (excerpt) “A changeable message sign that changes the speed limit for traffic and ambient conditions may be installed provided that the appropriate speed limit is shown at the proper times.
“California MUTCD Page 2B-13 (FHWA’s MUTCD 2003 Revision 1, as amended for use in California)
Vehicle Speed Feedback Signs Option: A Vehicle Speed Feedback sign that displays to approaching drivers the speed at which they are traveling may be installed in conjunction with a Speed Limit (R2-1) sign.

Standard: If a Vehicle Speed Feedback sign displaying approach speeds is installed, the legend shall be YOUR SPEED XX. The numerals displaying the speed shall be white, yellow, yellow-green or amber color on black background. When activated, lights shall be steady-burn conforming to the provisions of CVC Sections 21466 and 21466.5. Vehicle Speed Feedback signs shall not alternatively be operated as variable speed limit signs.

Without the benefit of any engineering and traffic study as required by California MUTCD Section 2B.13 Speed Limit Sign (R2-1)
01 Speed zones (other than statutory speed limits) shall only be established on the basis of an engineering study that has been performed in accordance with traffic engineering practices. The engineering study shall include an analysis of the current speed distribution of free-flowing vehicles.
Along with the required public hearing the City of Wildomar has without shame lowered the speed limit 24/7 on this approximately 1732 feet of roadway to 25 M.P.H.

To further enhance the confusion on this stretch of roadway maybe we should do as Ada, Oklahoma has done and install the Plastic PoPo

Located in Ada, Oklahoma. Another town with the funds to hire real police.

Located in Ada, Oklahoma. Another town without the funds to hire real police.