1. Martha L. Bridges

    From one report it sounds as though this ill-timed parks “workshop” was a complete bust and a terrible waste of taxpayers money. It had the same old 10-12 people in attendance, the same ones who show up to cheer on the city council’s mismanagement, mostly because they are part of the city hall staff or a member of the planning commission.

    Fancy presentation boards and big boastful plans do not make much sense when our three existing parks are still in need of major rehab and well thought out maintenance plan with adequate staff to back it up.

    1. Kenny Post author

      Alas hope was dashed asunder last evening by the predictable and lackluster attendance of the community. Part of this can be attributed to usual job of reaching out by city officials, there was none. It also brings home the deep down feeling of citizens in this community, parks are not important, never have been never will be.


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