I hate to admit it but I am considered a senior citizen and after having checked out the equipment for kids I would like to know where is my playground.
Big Kids
Many countries around the world are installing Senior Playgrounds much like the Tot-Lots installed for children to learn mobility and gross motor skills these are designed for seniors to maintain what they already have.
Big Step
Would-be gym-goers often site accessibility and affordability as two of the most significant barriers to regular physical activity, so the outdoor gyms are noteworthy for compelling more people to exercise more often. Unlike standard exercise equipment the outdoor machines harness an individual’s body weight instead of using electricity to create resistance making them eco-friendly.
With the parks in Wildomar used during the early morning hours by seniors as a safe place to walk adding this equipment may inspire more visitors to the parks.
The senior housing near Windsong Park could easily be connected by a short walking trail leading to a Senior Playground by way of Como St. to Gierson Ave. (Monty might not be happy).


  1. Joseph Morabito

    A fair question to your title would be: Which seniors are you talking about? Is there a ground swell of locals looking to go down slides or swing on swings? I’d like to see that list. Those pictures look like something put together from a satirical website rather than simple snapshots of people that use play toys regularly.

    You do make a good point about the connectivity from the senior housing near Windsong Park, but open fields are nearly nonexistent in California these days. The rule seems to be that if it isn’t developed, it has to be fenced. Just another example of everyone having to suffer over the misdeeds of a few.

    1. Kenny Post author

      I’m not sure which seniors would be interested, that is a question for a parks commission to put together a survey and find out, problem being we don’t have one. This city is missing out on so many opportunities for grants that would provide facilities for next to nothing because we have no department responsible for our parks. We are also losing out on Quimby Fees that would total around $5,000 per house, instead we collect one/tenth of that.
      Not sure what your reference to open fields is, Como St. and Gierson Ave. are existing streets that are dedicated but not paved. A simple DG trail connecting them would serve the seniors that choose to use the park, maybe none will but we will never know.

      1. WildomarWatcher

        The lack of adult and senior events, programs and equipment at Wildomar’s parks has always been an issue. After all it is the adults who are paying for the parks. Every parcel owner in the city is required to pay the Measure “Z” taxes, and their needs and concerns should be considered in deciding what equipment and events are included in any Parks and Recreation program. Just focusing on the organized team sports for the youngsters and programs for children under 13 yrs. of age is not enough.

        Ken makes a good point regarding the need for a Parks and Recreation department or commission which would with the public to establish policies, procedures, programs and maintenance schedules for the parks. Expanding those programs to include more adult and senior services should be a primary goal. Some other cities are actually starting to limit the number of team sports organizations who can play on their fields so they can create a more balanced approach to utilizing their parks resources to include the needs and interests of other age groups.


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