There seems to be some talk of residents fed up with the scofflaws in and around school zones. While looking at some data I came across an excellent list of School Zone Traffic Laws put out by the Arcadia Police Department Traffic Bureau for the school year 2011-2012, these laws are still applicable.

School Zone Laws 1

School Zone Laws 2

The bottom on this flyer was cut-off. It should read under V.C. 21212(a)Helmet Laws
Persons under 18 years of age must wear a properly fitted and fastened helmet for bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, etc.

For those that wish the PDF of this flyer it can be downloaded from.


A couple of other questions were asked
1. The blocking of private driveways
This is covered under V.C.22500(e) In front of a public or private driveway, except that a bus engaged as a common carrier, schoolbus, or a taxicab may stop to load or unload passengers when authorized by local authorities pursuant to an ordinance.
For some reason the Acadia P.D. Flyer left out Private Driveway.

2. What do the U-Turn signs on Mayhall Dr. in front of William Collier Elementary School mean.
They mean just that No U-Turn,

U-Turn Sign

The City of Wildomar could follow California Vehicle Code
22113. This chapter does not prevent local authorities, by
ordinance, from prohibiting the making of any turning movement by any vehicle at any intersection or between any designated intersections.

With this they could designate Mayhall Dr. as a No U-Turn Zone for its entire length. (1 Block)

But, leave it to the law to open this up to interpretation.
Taking a left into a driveway, backing out, and then driving in the opposite direction does not count as a U-turn. This was decided in the California Supreme Court case People v. McGuire (1978).

3. Double Parking is cover in the flyer under V.C.22500(h)

All these laws are fine and good if law enforcement is available. Wildomar currently has approximately .40 officers per 1000 residents. The City of Arcadia has 1.14 officers per 1000 with the state average being 2.3 per 1000.
If you look at Arcadia’s flyer they use video cameras to record violations as they occur and then mail out tickets to the registered owner. Not sure if only applies to parking violations.

An excellent opportunity arises with parents using resources such as those available through sites such as

Parents can set up Walking Trains and Bike Trains using guidelines available on these sites.

The County of Riverside Department of Health also has information on these types of programs at their “Injury Prevention Services” division.

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