The first of many

The first of many

With all the “talk” about Wildomar becoming a sustainable community I have decided to do my small part and walk the talk.
Copying an idea from the Los Angeles area I have planted a Santa Rosa Plum tree in the parkway in front of my home. The idea is that when this tree starts bearing fruit anyone walking by is welcome to help themselves to the bounty.
Over time I will add to this unused portion of land several varieties of fruit bearing trees and vines, being mindful of the location of the utilities buried beneath it, in hopes of having a year around supply of “Public Fruit” available.
I may also add a bench so one can sit and enjoy the view along with the sweetness of the fruit.

Wildomar enjoy the bounty.

To learn more about this project visit or


  1. Colleen Crawford

    Such a great idea. Some of my best memories are of picking fruit from trees, on the way home from school. If we were thirsty while walking, nothing was better than picking an orange, lemon, plum, nectarines, etc. We still talk about it today. If somebody planted a new fruit tree, we couldn’t wait until it produced fruit. I often wondered if the homeowners knew how many children they nourished. Good times.

  2. Joseph Morabito

    That’s pretty cool. If you were to walk past my house, you’d see a heavily laden loquat tree. Just the other day I saw a middle-aged couple stop and pick a freebie as they were walking by. I suggest you consider a loquat. They are really easy to grow, and unlike stone fruit, they aren’t susceptible to things like Cytospora Canker.

    1. Kenny Post author

      Joseph – I think its kind of neat to, saw it on PBS. Thanks for the info on Loquat’s. I have a neighbor that has one and is trying to clone some and will give me one when he does, also working on Passion Fruit which appears to be quite prolific and does well around here. You might try putting a small sign out inviting passerbys to partake in your harvest after you have harvest what you need for the year which I saw your article on. After I get my plants started and bearing fruit I would like to make a map of places around town that have fruits accessible from the roadway, with permission from the owners of course


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