Extra Patrol
This a PDF of the form for requesting “EXTRA PATROLS” whenever you will be away for more than a day or two, such as a long weekend or on vacation.
This one makes the top of the list. There is nothing better than a family run farm, this one has been around the community of Wildomar since 1958.
Joseph Morabito’s view on happenings in Wildomar
This is the facebook page for the above blog site.
Martha Bridges’s view on happenings in Wildomar
A satirical look at Wildomar through the eyes of Zak Turango
Local new articles related to Wildomar
Valley News site has some information about Wildomar
The local online news site, check out the Bulletin link as well as the home page.
City of Wildomar Official City Calendar
Wildomar City Council Agenda’s and Minute’s
City of Wildomar Planning Commission Agenda’s and Minute’s!measure-z-committee-meetings/cebf
City of Wildomar Oversight Committee Meeting Calendar with link to Agenda’s
Riverside County Sheriff Press Release Page
Riverside County Coroner’s Press Releases
Riverside County Fire Department Incident Page. This is the place to find out where the siren is going.
Wildomar Friends and Community Facebook page must sign in and join group to see content
This is a private group which has been created for people who care about Wildomar, with the primary focus being events and happenings in our city and surrounding areas.
This is a link to an open facebook page, comments are not censored, except for advertising which is frowned upon.
This is a group of citizens that walk many of the trails in an around Wildomar and Lake Elsinore, usually on the weekends.
Lastest happenings with “Brown House” Facebook page
Wildomar Historical Society Facebook page
Wildomar Little League

Wildomar Little League Facebook page
Wildomar Little League Facebook Page
(This is a new page the old one is out of date)
Home of Wildomar Adult Softball
Wildomar Adult Softball currently plays games on Sunday at Marna O’Brien Park in Wildomar, Ca.
Wildomar Youth Soccer
attention to local light pollution and shared enthusiasm for science and astronomy.
Local blogger on Crows in Wildomar area
This is a group that walks every Monday in the mornings. Many walks are to the Santa Rosa Plateau. Walks led by Kathy Bundy one of Wildomars own


  1. WildomarWatcher

    Great to have a new, informative blog on Wildomar happenings, and wish Ken Mayes the very best!

    I appreciate the research he does on the details and calculations. They help us all see more clearly about the challenges and issues which face our community. Just reading the calculations about the needed amount of water to support the proposed planting of grass in our three modest parks was a real eye opener. Let’s hope the city officials take a close look at Kenny’s numbers and give some real thought to revamping their plans for all that grass.


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