At the February 12, 2014 City of Wildomar council meeting one of the council persons requested that flashing speed signs be installed at David A Brown middle school. The cost for these signs was estimated to be around $4,200 each (two signs would cost approximately $8,400 plus installation cost).
In March the city issued a press release about the city receiving a grant from one of our insurance carrier, Public Agency Risk Sharing Authority of California ( PARSAC) for $23,000 which was to be spent on these signs, repairing some pavement issues at Marna O’Brien Park, and inspecting the playground equipment before the parks re-open.
In a recent Press Enterprise article the City of Lake Elsinore is going to install 18 of these flashing speed signs around 6 schools in the City of Lake Elsinore for a cost of $355,000. This works out to $19,722 for each sign.
Either we need to elevate this council person to Comptroller General of the United States where they can solve all the worlds financial problems or we need to ask How can it be that Wildomar is so thrifty and everyone else is so wasteful.
Keep in mind, that this council person was involved in the pre-incorporation of the city during which animal control cost was projected by the County of Riverside to be $70,000 annually. They were in office when the City of Wildomar accepted staff information presented to the council, which the council subsequently voted to accept, that Animal Control cost would be $90,000 per year and they are still in office at a time when Wildomar is paying out almost $450,000 for this service.
Assuming that the cost is comparable to our neighbors, Wildomar will be able to install 1 5/32 signs while not doing any of the required work on our parks.

2 thoughts on “HOW CAN IT BE ?

  1. Joseph Morabito

    I was a fly on the wall for some of the talk about the pricing. Looks like Elsinore got hosed. The prices ($4,200 each) are what the person doing the leg work told me he found when he made calls to the various manufacturers.

    As for the AFV boondoggle. I haven’t met a person that is happy with how things eventuated.

    1. Kenny Mayes

      Joseph – I can’t help wonder if Lake Elsinore got hosed or Wildomar is being unrealistic. Granted Lake Elsinore is using State and Federal money from the Safe Routes to School program which requires that signs meet certain guidelines, but did Wildomar ascertain that the signs they are looking at meet California Department of Transportation approval. I guess we will find out.


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