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UPDATED @ 8:00 p.m. Tuesday, May 24, 2016
At 6:42 p.m. I received the first of 3 e-mails announcing the adjournment of the Thursday, May 26, 2016 Measure Z Oversight Advisory Committee Meeting until June 30, 2016.
Per Resolution 2013-37 Section 6 Time and Place of Meetings.
The Committee shall establish a regular date, time and place for Committee meetings, which shall be open to the public. Said meetings shall occur no less frequently than every 3 months.

The last meeting of the Measure Z Oversight Advisory Committee Meeting occurred on February 25, 2016 (the June 30th date will be 4 months and 5 days since the last meeting.)
3 days after the last meeting the term of 3 members of the committee ended which leaves the current committee with 2 members and 3 members-elect (not sworn in), also no chair or vice-chair.

The city of wildomar has finally stomped the Measure Z Oversight Committee into oblivion.
Fist they would delay meetings by a week, then a month and now nothing.
Its on the city of wildomar’s calendar (been there for over a month) but with hours past the required Brown Act time of 72 hours to post an agenda NOTHING


An e-mail to a city official asking if the meeting has been cancelled has yet to be responded to.
The worst part of this is nobody cares. It’s only a lousy 350K of taxpayer money.


As of February 3, 2016 the city of wildomar has provided the citizens an OFFICIAL page to view information on the “by district” process.


On this page you will find the letter that started the process rolling, the city attorney’s responses to that letter, the beginnings of the mapping process (three (3) Draft Maps with accompanying demographics) are provided. An interactive map is also included so you can switch from one draft to another easily.

What’s left is a packet so everyday citizens can participate in the process without waiting until the end of a long boring city council meeting, as this is where the council has determined you can participate in the mandated three (3) public meetings.


On Wednesday night January 27, 2016 the city of wildomar held a special meeting to discuss the change over to voting “by district”.

During the comment period a question was asked about why the public has not seen the “Letter received from the Law Firm” which started this process and why was it not included in the agenda packet for the special meeting.

During the response period citizens where assured by the city clerk with the concurrence of the city attorney that the letter in question and the “City Attorney’s” response would be made available on the city website As Soon As Possible

noun. The definition of concurrence is agreement or things that act or occur together. When two people agree on something, this is an example of a concurrence of opinion.

On Thursday January 28, 2016 an e-mail response was received by a citizen of wildomar which follows. The recipient of this letter has been redacted:

From: Debbie Lee []
Sent: Thursday, January 28, 2016 3:30 PM
Subject: District Elections Letter

Please see the attached letter which you have requested. This should be up on the website before the close of business today. Also, I have requested a copy of the response letter which our City Attorney wrote and sent. As soon as I receive that I will forward it to you.

Should you have any questions, please let me know.

Thank you,

Debbie A. Lee
City Clerk
Human Resources Manager
Risk Manager

City of Wildomar
23873 Clinton Keith Road
Suite 201
Wildomar CA 92595

951.677.7751 x215
951.698.1463 (Fax)

City Hall Hours:
Monday – Thursday
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Closed Fridays

All e-mail to and from the City of Wildomar may be considered public information and may be disclosed upon request.

As of 6:30 p.m. January 29, 2016 the person requesting this information has received only the “Letter received from the Law Firm” which has also posted on the city Website.
This letter was posted on this site in the previous post with a link to the city clerks page where said letter is contained.

The “Response Letter” from the city attorney has not been received by the requester above nor has it been posted on the city website. But apparently a local blogger with inside connections has posted two (2) response letters from the city attorney on their website at 2:29 p.m., Friday, January 29, 2016. Something to remember is city hall is closed on Friday’s in this town.

So much for respecting the citizens of wildomar. This is reminiscent of the fence being removed from Windsong Park before any of the security measures were in place or residents bordering said park were notified.
(Portions of the fence were left in place to secure the porta-potty and hold the plastic signs containing the park rules)


Once again Wildomar will cancel its “Measure Z Oversight Meeting”. This time around its reportedly because of a lack of a quorum.
Never mind that this meeting would normally have occurred in October but was pushed out due to city officials not having enough time to gather the necessary information.

This current group of citizens manning the committee apparently do not consider this committee to be of any importance as this date has been know to them for several months.
Of this group two individuals could not even be bothered to turn in their annual audit despite the city giving them a form that detailed what to look for, all they need to do was fill it in.

While looking over the current batch of numbers city officials should consider themselves fortunate this cancellation occurred as many important figures generated are pure garbage.

An example are the figures given for water usage.

Water Bill at Marna O’Brien Park for the period 7/1/15 – 9/30/15 shown as $4,533.00

But when one looks at what the city has already paid one finds an enormous discrepancy.

Voucher 205220 09/03/2015 000012 EVMWD Invoice #7574988
07/06/15 – 08/04/15 Water Marna O’Brien $3,672.03

Voucher 205349 10/15/2015 000012 EVMWD Invoice #7623179
8/04/15 – 9/04/15 Water Marna O’Brien $9,226.88

Total $12,898.91 while still missing 31 days of billings. That’s a -$8,365.91 difference

Water Bill at Regency Heritage Park for the period 7/1/15 – 9/30/15 shown as $509.00

Voucher 205220 09/03/2015 000012 EVMWD Invoice #7583346
07/09/15 – 08/07/15 Water Heritage Park (Aut) $393.51

Voucher 205349 10/15/2015 000012 EVMWD Invoice #7627110
8/07/15 – 9/08/15 Water Regency Heritage (Aut $554.10

Total $947.61 while still missing 30 days of billings. That’s a -$438.61 difference

Water Bill at Windsong Park for the period 7/1/15 – 9/30/15 shown as $1,120.00

Voucher 205220 09/03/2015 000012 EVMWD Invoice #7593870
07/16/15 – 08/14/15 Water Windsong Park $755.18

Voucher 205382 10/22/2015 000012 EVMWD Invoice #7640993
8/14/15 – 9/14/15 Water Windsong Park $1,115.21

Total is $1,870.39 while missing 31 days of billings. That’s a -$750.39

Electricity appears to be very much the same, under reported by a huge amount. Unfortunately the city continues to hide the actual electric bill in the vouchers by calling it city electricity (this lumps all the parks together). Every other electric bill for CSA’s, Cemetery, Ball Field, specific addresses are listed separate.

Electric cost are so far off its laughable. Last years usage for the two summer months exceeded $4,000 each month and now staff is telling this committee that cost for the whole quarter, three months is $2,834.00. This is less than three weeks worth of usage for any summer month of last year, the inaugural year when little organized activity occurred.
Just the customer charge (cost of having a meter) for Regency Heritage Park with no electric usage exceeds the $49.00 listed. At $0.836 per day X 92 days (7/1/15 – 9/30/15) comes to $76.91.
In the coming days I will be (to the chagrin of some) placing a public records request, by meter number, for each of the parks to verify the true number.


That city council members may conceal their communications on public issues by sending and receiving them on their private devices from private accounts.

Cloak of Secrecy

This issue is currently under review by the Supreme Court of California in City of San Jose v. Superior Court, S218066, this is as a result of a petition filed with the court on May 7, 2014.
(Download Pending Issues: Civil)

Despite this review of several earlier court decisions, one pro and one con for making communications from personal devices and accounts public records.

Cities do have an option.

A key section of Public Records Act itself, which explicitly provides (Government Code section 6253 (e)): “Except as otherwise prohibited by law, a state or local agency may adopt requirements for itself that allow for faster, more efficient, or greater access to records than prescribed by the minimum standards set forth in this chapter.”

City Councils could enable digital transparency locally regardless of what the Supreme Court or Sacramento lawmakers do or don’t do.

California’s get a D- in public access to government finances and information, or government transparency, this reflects the difficulty citizens, journalists, and watchdog organizations have holding their officials accountable. The cost of gaining access to public documents, including often lengthy delays, presents roadblocks to independent oversight of government activities.

Access Denied

It is time to ask that city leaders update and strengthen public records systems to make them more accessible. Public records requests in some instances reveal corruption.
Two reporters demanded by threat of a lawsuit that the officials hand over accurate financial records. With these records in-hand, the reporters soon brought the corruption to light. The city officials were stopped, indicted, and convicted.
The corruption could have emerged sooner had the public demanded accurate records earlier. If the city’s financials were more transparent, then the problem may have never occurred in the first place. Transparency deters officials from committing corruption because the public will hold them accountable.

The City of Bell, California in 2010


The First Amendment Coalition has prepared a simple model policy to address this issue.

1. All agency staff, when communicating by email on agency business, must use the agency’s email system and server OR copy such emails to an address on the agency server.

2. All email on the agency’s email server will be preserved for a minimum of TWO years.

3. The storage of emails on an agency server does not affect their status under the California Public Records Act (CPRA). When responding to a CPRA request for emails, the agency may consider the applicability of any relevant CPRA exemption.

Please e-mail you City Council person, using there official city e-mail account and implore them to adopt the three recommendations above.
The official e-mail addresses for the Wildomar City Council can be found at:


Thursday night August 27, 2015 was supposed to be a rescheduled Measure Z Oversight Committee Meeting.

Guess what ?

As of 7:13 pm on Monday August 24, 2015 with less than 69 1/2 hours to go there is no agenda posted on the City of Wildomar Parks Website.

Per the Brown Act notice must given 72 hours.

In the dark

With the Measure Z Oversight Committee in turmoil and almost no one giving a rat’s behind its beginning to look much like the year 2000.


Lest you think I forgot, the deficiencies in Wildomar’s Premier Sports Park they are numerous with some of them down right dangerous.
This 9.007 acre park is located at 20505 Palomar St. Wildomar CA 92595.

During the previous 2 fiscal years the city has spent: $2967,269.00
FY 2013-14 $140,412.00 as certified in the Measure Z Annual Report
FY 2014-15 156,857.00 as of May 31, 2015 per City of Wildomar 4th Quarter Expenditure Status Report page 488 of 491 of 06-24-15 City Council Agenda.
Projected expenditures are: (Per the City Council Agenda of 06-24-2015 Biennial Operating Budget Fiscal Years 2015-16 & 2016-17 page 232 of 491)
FY 2015-16 $179,600
FY 2016-17 $189,200
This brings the 4 year total to $665,799.00
Links can found below.

Despite the cities claim of this park being 9.6565 acres it is only 9.007 acres in size.
Claim can be found at!marna-obrien-park/c210
It contains 3 baseball fields, which can accommodate 2 soccer fields when not being used for baseball, its one or the other not both at a time. It also contains two full courts for basketball at Tot-Lot and 3 gazebos. There are restrooms and parking for approximately 150 cars.

This park is not staffed, the ballfields nor the soccer fields are marked (except by the leagues currently using them)nor are there any bases

or soccer goals, the city has no equipment. Contractors provide mowing, emptying of trash cans and the cleaning of restrooms.

Opening Day in April April of 2014 one found a monument to thirst which has only most recently been made partially whole.

This picture was taken a couple of days after opening day.

This picture was taken a couple of days after opening day.

There is no water being dispensed, the structure coming apart between the two faucets and the push button covers are missing.
Water is present

Water is present

The push buttons are still missing and there is still a separation.

The push buttons are still missing and there is still a separation.

Other items that have been fixed over the many months are

The bucket used for a lamp pole base.

The bucket used for a lamp pole base.

A brand new base.

A brand new base.

This occurred after the Parks Master Plan photo shoot, so the bucket will live in infamy on the Chapter 1 Introduction page of the Wildomar Parks Master Plan.

Agenda Item #3.2 beginning on page 648 of 780. Picture in question is on page 663 of 780. (The whole page is the picture)

The chimes now tinkle rather than thunk.

Trash cans were missing for months after opening day which cost less than a 100 bucks total to replace.
January saw the new cans 8 months after opening day. A place to put the trash wasn’t a priority.

The storm drain system is to this day not maintained despite a document on file with the regional water board requiring it, along with a Project Specific Water Quality Management Plan with cost the taxpayers thousands of dollars to prepare.
First two pages (of 359 pages) are pretty clear, this plan applies to this park and the plan will be implemented by whomever owns the park in perpetuity.

This is a common site when looking at any of the 8 field drains that are required to be cleaned on regular basis by qualified personnel.

Rather than continue explaining the history of it below you will find deficiencies as they exist over a year after this park opened. These problems are only going to get worse unless this city starts to spend our money wisely.

Its not an illusion the fence is two different colors. White and Off-white

Its not an illusion the fence is two different colors. White and Off-white

Notice that the caps are missing as well as the color being off.

All the boards have been in need of a paint job and now replacement for over a year

All the boards have been in need of a paint job and now replacement for over a year


A year ago these pipes were straight, note the bottom one.

A year ago these pipes were straight, note the bottom one.

An accident waiting to happen. Maintenance was told of this months ago.

An accident waiting to happen. Maintenance was told of this months ago.

Another accident waiting are the exposed screws were the missing end caps (cost about 4 bucks ea) are a year later.
Water polo anyone?

Water polo anyone?

This could go on for pages, to see what this park really look like take a walk through it with an open mind.

Before I forget we do have the graffiti under control.
With city sponsored graffiti.


At the May 13, 2015 Wildomar City Council Meeting staff was directed to assume ownership and maintenance responsibilities for certain parcels of land lying between Grand Avenue and Palomar Street.
A total of six parcels were added to correct a 2009 agreement. APN’s 370-443-018, 370-443-019, 370-493-027, 370-493-028, 370-500-018 and 370-500-019. (Regency Heritage Park) Parcel number 370-500-020 was originally transferred along with Marna O’Brien Park, Windsong Park and an additional strip of storm channel bordering Windsong Park.
This correction to the original agreement in my opinion continues to lack the mention of two APN’s thereby leaving those two parcels in the hands of the county.

Compare to the map in the council agenda and see if you can tell which two parcels are never mentioned.

Compare to the map in the council agenda and see if you can tell which two parcels are never mentioned.
The complete picture above is on page 319 of 675

Agenda Item #1.15
Certificate of Acceptance – Regency Heritage Park and Adjacent Easements

In the background information provided by staff is the following:
The strips of land enhance the city’s trail system by connecting Palomar and Grand Avenue to the Park.

What is left out of this information is the fact this property contains easements for the free flow of water for hundreds of acres of land surrounding Regency Heritage Park (approximately 1500 cubic feet a second during a 100 year event). Regency Tract along with Heritage Tract also drain into the park and this newly acquired property at several points. This with the drainage from as far away as Marna O’Brien Park, portions of the Windmill Tract along with a large portion of the Woodmoor Tract of Homes and the hills located west of Grand Ave. Easements for utility purposes granted to Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District also occupy a portion of these properties.


A rainy day in February

A rainy day in February

Over the years parts of this property were held by the former Ortega Trails Recreation District and the County of Riverside Economic Development Agency (EDA) under the REDEVELOPMENT PROJECT AREA No. 1-1986, AMENDMENT No. 1, LAKELAND VILLAGE/WILDOMAR SUB-AREA.

Now the City of Wildomar has accepted responsibility for these lots without fully understanding the cost. Looking at the Fiscal impact statement

Maintenance of the Lots for the Trails will now be the responsibility of the City.

The city appears to be saying the cost will be funded by the Development Impact Fees for Trails even though out of the 26 foot width half is currently relegated to Storm Water Control for which we currently collect nothing in this area for maintenance.

A portion of this trail easement lies over a 30 inch storm drain pipe which is 50% occluded with sediment.


The last storm drain this city cleaned of approximately the same length and twice the diameter cost over $90,000. If this enclosed system cost half that were looking at almost 50 thousand dollars, not including the open channel portion of approximately 500 feet containing several feet of sediment, trash and weeds.

Then we have the portion under Grand Ave with a connection to the Woodmoor Tract which is filling fast with sediment.

To Woodmoor

To Woodmoor

To the hills west of Grand Ave.

To the hills west of Grand Ave.

Gates are wide open and have been for months

Gates are wide open and have been for months

Maybe you are asking what’s the big deal, the city will surely find the money to improve this trail. If the past is any indicator don’t count on it. I refer you back to a project started by the County of Riverside and lost in the transition to cityhood. The link below explains it well.
A past article about the loss of a $400,000 Redevelopment project on Palomar Bryant Streets.

Then there is the Justin T Hunt Memorial Trail located along the back side of the Windstone Tract of Homes. This 1-1/4 mile D.G. trail is in need of
1. indentity (who owns it) and what happened to the monuments that Supervisor Bob Buster’s office contributed taxpayer monies to the tune of $2,000.00 for
2. TLC numerous areas of broken fences need repair, ruts and holes need to be filled.

One entrance can be found on the mountainside of Grand Ave at the end of Gruwell St.

Gruwell Entrance and Hitching Area.

Gruwell Entrance and Hitching Area.

with the other entrance at the end of Penrose St.

Penrose Entrance - not ADA compliant.

Penrose Entrance – not ADA compliant.

Parking for those wanting security can be had along Grand Ave next to David A Brown Middle School, this is necessary due to both Penrose and Gruwell being unimproved roadways with no clear definition of where the roadway begins and ends.
More on this trail to come.


At the last Wildomar city council meeting there was discussion about shade for the Tot-Lots. What I got out of this was that city officials where going to try and design something to work at Marna O’Brien Park once again leaving out the other parks, not important in their eyes.
Along with designing a shade they were going to try and find a sponsor to pay for this.
Such nonsense, Measure Z Funds along with Developer Impact Fees which can be used for capital improvements are available to purchase reasonably price shade structure that are already engineered for this purpose.
One such manufacturer is the same company that built the existing equipment installed in the Tot-Lots, Landscape Structures.
Below are images depicting this equipment that is readily available for around $10,000 per Tot-Lot. The price could be cheaper if the city uses volunteers to install it. (Let’s hope they don’t chose this option)

Sizes from 18 ft X 18 ft up to 28 ft X 28 ft

Sizes from 18 ft X 18 ft up to 28 ft X 28 ft

Sized at 30 ft X 30 ft

Sized at 30 ft X 30 ft

Listing for the largest shade structure

Listing for the largest shade structure

A little further description of what they do and some color choices.

Description Pyramid

It is time this city quit acting like a non-profit organization and spend the money we have wisely.

If a benevolent soul wishes to contribute to the purchase and installation of any of this equipment feel free to contact city officials.