In the most recent City Council Agenda Packet one finds a check written in the amount of $1,661.32 entitled (INSTALL (3) POLE LIGHTS AT WINDSONG). (If you would like your own copy contact city hall and ask for a copy of Voucher #204061 issued on November 20, 2014 for Purchase Order #0000127)
Those lights seem to have gone missing as they can not be found anywhere in Windsong Park.
Marna 31 Oct 2008
The above picture shows what the three lights at Windsong Park would look like (The city attempted to keep everything the same for serviceability purposes). If you see 3 new lights somewhere in town call to report them. Not sure who you would call, maybe park security. There number can be found on the white plastic signs at the entrances.
AND NO WHERE ELSE Not the parks website, not the city website. Only on the cheap plastic white signs for as long as they are present, if missing look behind the park along the creek as they have spotted there before.

Wildomar Assisted Living Facility in the upper right corner of picture

Wildomar Assisted Living Facility in the upper right corner of picture

For those of you that think this was an easy task here are some figures to show what it took.
0.5235 cubic yards of concrete was needed for the base support to hold these light standards, the approximate weight would be around 2,100 pounds. This does not include the weight of the threaded steel rods or the rebar shown on the drawing below.
Windsong Park Light

Its to bad someone hasn’t taken the ones at Marna O’Brien Park. Especially the one so prominently displayed on page one, with a close up on page five of the Parks Master Plan currently being floated around.

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