An email sent to the City of wildomar

An email sent to the City of Wildomar on Monday morning details the condition of our parks as they were on a beautiful Sunday morning. This email was sent to the City Manager, Gary Nordquist, Councilman Ben Benoit, 1st Distric, Councilman Dustin Nigg, 2nd Distrct, Councilman Timothy Walker, 3rd District, Councilwoman Bridgette Moore, 4th District, Councilwoman Marsha Swanson, 5th District.
It was also sent to the members of the Measure Z Oversight Advisory Committee members, Sheila Urlaub, Doug Ames, Scott Rux, Shelley Hitchcock and Steve Regalado. Three of those emails were returned as undeliverable. A look at the City of wildomar parks website shows it has not been updated in at least 9 months.

The following conditions were noted during a walk thru of the parks on Sunday morning March 18, 2018

Windsong Park
The restroom facility was filthy

The gate on the southwest corner was broken

The fence on the northwest corner has been cut allowing access to the Creek Garden area

The electrical box on the west fence, near the Creek Garden is bent and has been for months.

Marna O’Brien Park
Automobiles have been driven on the fields during the evening, park cameras should be used to identify the culprits. This city has on two occasions gotten quotes for gates to secure the parking lot at night, these parking lot gates should be installed.

The restroom plumbing is still taped together, and has been for months, resulting in an unsightly appearance.

The drinking fountain, installed as a scout project, does not work and hasn’t in over a month

The “Freedom Swing” is still locked, even after the city spent $31,000 to re-install it 2 years ago.

Regency Heritage Park
Two swings remain missing, the two that remain still have no safety harnesses. In a city with a total of 7 swings to have 5 out of commission is unconscionable.

The drainage for the tot lot still has not been fixed.

Anchor supports for the chain ladder nearest the ADA ramp are exposed creating a safety hazard.

Basketball hoop still bent, has been since April 2014, nets in disrepair.

BBQ missing, has been since April 2014

New plants in area with broken sprinkler

For this the residents of this town more than $350,000 to maintain our parks in this condition.

10 thoughts on “An email sent to the City of wildomar

  1. Martha Bridges

    The condition of all three of Wildomar’s existing parks is shamefully poor, which is outrageous considering that the city is raking in nearly twice as much in Measure Z parcel tax revenue as was originally estimated for parks’ maintenance.

    The city, in its questionable wisdom, is using a considerable amount of the Measure Z funds to pay a percentage of city staff salaries and benefits, and stashing nearly $100,000 into so-called “reserves” while the condition of the parks suffers daily. City staff and council members have bought into these budget schemes, rather than fulfill the intentions of taxpayers who voted for Measure Z. The very “clever” wording of the Measure Z initiative allows the city to get away with these very dubious accounting maneuvers.

    The city is now trying to sell the taxpayers and residents of Wildomar on a new multi-million-dollar park planned for the east side. This brings us to the old adage “you fooled me once, shame on you, but you fool me twice, shame on me”. If the city is successful in sowing us into more long term, never-ending debt with another parks funding initiative, there is every reason to be concerned about them using any parks money as another great big slush fund.

    It is time to insist that the off-repeated promise that city-hood could be achieved with NO NEW TAXES is fulfilled.

  2. T Curry

    It is so sad that the citizens’s of Wildomar believe that their tax dollars are actually being spent on our parks and thetr upkeep.
    The few people who do speak out about the condition of our parks or ask questions as to how on earth we are going to support a multi million dollar “Super Park” are attacked by the “Friends” of council and at least one member of the Parks Committee.
    Trying to pretend that our rural community will stay rural or that our streets will be fixed is a complete myth.
    I can only hope that the citizens of Wildomar will wake up and start being a part of their community.

  3. Jay

    There are other ways of looking at this. Yes these things need to be fixed and yes some of them at unsightly but rather than taking pictures and blasting the city government or the parks employees you put the camera down and you help out. The measure has already gone through (right or wrongly) and this is what we have so now how do we fix what we have. If we are Wildomar Citizens and we allegedly are taking pictures in an effort to better the parks than go down to the parks office and volunteer. Find out what you can do to assist in keeping up the parks you care about.

    1. Kenny Post author

      Jay – first off let me say “close the parks” I didn’t vote for the tax to reopen them. I also didn’t vote for cityhood either. That being said, if the city is going to collect more money per acre that most city in this country then I expect my tax money to be spent wisely. As for volunteering, I have other places I would much rather spend my time volunteering than these city parks. As for a parks office, this city has no office as they have no parks department, this city has no park staff only contracted labor that is supposed to maintain the parks by cleaning them, mowing the lawns, etc.. This city also has no programs for its citizens which is part of what Measure Z was to pay for. This city does have an enormous surplus, 68% currently.

      1. Jay

        So in the end you’re not mad about parks and you don’t care about them. You only care that the money is being misused? That’s a viable opinion and one that is probably accurate. As a parent I’d hate to see the parks closed down regardless of how I voted and would want to help my community. If you’re not interested in helping the community and just want to complain then I understand where you’re coming from and won’t offer ‘sughestions’ because ultimately I won’t be able to change your mind about the parks.

        1. Kenny Post author

          Jay – you pretty much hit that nail on the head. I really don’t care on way or another about the parks. I do care that untruths about the financial viability were told leading up to cityhood and its proving to be very true 10 years down the road. As long as this city continues to operate the way it currently is with the current staff it will be a long bumpy road, I will be here for all of it as I ain’t going anywhere.

    1. Martha Bridges

      Thank you for your timely post Trudy. It is encouraging to see other cities’ being successful in providing facilities to physically challenged residents so that they can enjoy visiting their parks. After two years and spending tens of thousands of taxpayers’ money on our own swing installation, you have to wonder why Wildomar can’t get something similar done. Perhaps we need our own local taxpayers’ revolt?

    2. Kenny Post author

      I saw this video and am working on a comparison between wildomar and Fort Smith Arkansas as well as a couple of other parks in Arkansas that have wheel chair swings installed.

      1. T Curry

        It would be interesting to find out what other cities paid for this wheel chair swing and to maintain it.
        Jay comments about donating time to the parks of Wildomar instead of complaining. Because hundreds of thousands are collected and should be spent on our parks every year there actually should not be a need for volunteers to clean bathrooms or pick up pet excretions, or in fact for citizens to maintain what we are already paying to have maintained/ Their are people hired and if they are not doing their job, then they should be replaced with contractors who will do the job. Our city leaders spend hundreds of hours at our parks each year subsidizing their preferred local organizations with waiver of fees and insurance. It is not a secret to our leaders that the parks are not being maintained, and in fact they reach out to organizations like Boy Scouts and private citizens to donate their time and energy to make our parks decent. Jay, if you do not hold our city leaders accountable for the parks and how the Measure Z tax monies are spent, who exactly do you hold accountable. Believe me. meetings have been attended and comments have been made to our city leaders outside of media forums to no avail.


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