Below are two reports required by the County of Riverside before the “Brown House” could be moved from it original location on Grand Avenue. The house was moved in January of 2006 from its previous location northwest of McVicar and Grand Avenue to its present location, currently called Baxter Rd., and is clearly visible from the freeway.

Brown 2

Brown 3

Read this information carefully and then you be the judge as to whether you wish to invest your time, energy and money into saving this structure.

Brown House

The first link opens a PDF. of the Cultural Resources Assessment done for the developer in April of 2004, it is 13.5 MB in size.

Cultural Resources Assessment 2004 Brown House

The second link opens the PDF. of the Historic Resources Assessment Done in October of 2004 for the same developer, it is 1.7 MB in size.

Wildomar Assessment Final Rpt_2004

Both of these reports are fraught with inaccuracies. Neither one truly answers the question of when this house was built or when additions were made.
An interesting factoid about a historical building “Easterbrook” in Wildomar is found on page 5 of the first report along with a glaring inaccuracy concerning the history of that same building, namely the person credited with building it was not born until 6 years after it was reportedly built.

The second report states that Dr. Brown with his wife arrived in Wildomar in 1890.
All 4 children were born in Ohio starting in 1891 – 1897.
as verified by “Ohio, Births and Christenings, 1821-1962”
It is reported that Dr. Brown started his practice in Wildomar in 1890.
Dr. Brown graduated from Starling Medical College, Ohio in 1886 but was only granted a certificate to practice medicine in Wildomar, California on April 7, 1896. As reported in the Pacific Medical Journal, Volume 39 (Page 330)
Search for Oscar Brown, he is found on page 330

Press and Horticulturist – Dec 4, 1897
Dr. Brown and family have settled in their new home on Olive Street. (Now Pecan St. in Wildomar.)
Wildomar Dec 8 (Special Correspondence) Mr. Burnham, who has cancer of the eye, has decided to have the eye removed. Dr. Brown was to have performed the operation yesterday, but postponed it until today, as some things he needed did not get here.

Press and Horticulturist – Dec 18, 1897
Dr. BROWN has bought the HAMPTON place. Consideration $650

The Press and Horticulturist can be read at,516533&hl=en

Another report was generated in 2006 but is not listed here.
This report was done by
JOSH SMALLWOOD, RPA of Hemet California
Photo-Documentation and Consultation with Local Community: Rudolph J. Brown Ranch, 22060 Grand Avenue, Wildomar, Riverside County, California (2006). Historical Archaeologist responsible for completing the photo-documentation and plan-view drawings of existing buildings at the Rudolph J. Brown Ranch in anticipation of the relocation or removal of the buildings as part of a proposed residential development project.


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