Activism Pays Off for Residents of Wildomar

Activism saves residents of wildomar money.

Map of CSA 103 Drainage/Landscape 2017

Starting in the tax year 2009/10 the City of wildomar continued collecting $20.00 annually from 1,076 homes located in the original section of Windsong Valley. (One of the homes belongs to a local blogger with a camera & a drone).
This was the result of the City of wildomar passing Resolution 09-59 on August 26, 2009 by a 5-0 vote.

Resolution 09-59 that established the charges for CSA 103 Drainage/Landscape

Leading up to that Resolution the city paid for a report that was not included in the staff report presented to the City Council members nor the public in the agenda packet.

Resolution 09-35 that authorized the study to determine the fee to be added to the tax bill for the city

Fast forward to 2017 city council meeting held on April 12, 2017 a local activist asked the the city council to include the staff reports generated by LAFCO at the time of annexation into CSA 103 Drainage/Landscape and approved by Resolution of the Riverside County Board of Supervisors when this tax was first approved to be placed on the tax bills of 1,076 property owners. (That number in 2017 had increased to 1,082 property owners.
After that meeting city staff approached the activist and claimed they did everything they could to gather the information necessary to place this tax on the appropriate tax bills of residents. This effort included interviewing past contractors that maintained the landscaping, period. They never produced the Resolution from the Riverside County Board of Supervisors making this tax legal, nor did they include the staff reports detailing what was to be maintained with these funds.

A resolution by the Riverside County Board of Supervisors for CSA 103 Lighting exist and does have a staff report detailing the number of street lights with their lumens and their location.

LAFCO Staff report detailing what CSA 103 Lighting pays for

In the city staff report given on June 14, 2017 Agenda Item 2.2, for the tax year 2017/18 charges CSA 103 Drainage Landscape appears.

While preparing to ask the same questions of city staff about these reports for the 2018/19 property tax year, the activist became aware that this tax was no longer on the tax bill of 1082 residents.

Your welcome residents of wildomar.

1 thought on “Activism Pays Off for Residents of Wildomar

  1. Monty Goddard

    Hi Kenny. One of the landscape areas this $20/year assessment was supposed to pay for was the “Windsong Valley” parkway along Cevera Rd south of Central Ave. I have been trying to get two top rails of the white vinyl fence repaired since they were broken by falling tree limbs during our famous snowstorm four years ago. I first utilized the Help Center on the city’s website. I was told by code enforcement the fence was not in the parkway but belonged to the adjacent landowners and therefore not a city responsibility. You would have to be blind to accept that as fact. For the last several years I have e-mailed our assistant city manager/public works director about very six months on the broken rails. These queries on my part have resulted in, “I’ll check the status/thanks for the reminder…” and similar non-responses. It appears my asking you if you knew where I could find the legal description of what was to be maintained by this CSA and your substantial research has resulted in this assessment disappearing from 1,082 tax bills. I find this sad as I now have heightened concern for the overall condition of this parkway and heretofore included drainage systems, but I thank you for your research on this CSA.


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