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The purpose of this site is to try and connect the citizens of Wildomar through discussion by giving my views on what I see going on in Wildomar and get your opinion of those views. I will also be including links to other blog sites with views that differ from my own
(Feel free to request other sites related to Wildomar be listed, I will check them out and add them if they are relevant to the Wildomar area) .
You are welcome to comment on anything I post, or anything you wish to discuss. All I ask is that you be respectful of other’s opinions by feeling free to disagree with an alternative point of view.

Kenny Mayes

30 year resident of the community of Wildomar


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  1. Linda Campbell

    Thanks Ken for all your diligent work-follow through to help the city council, employees and citizens of Wildomar know what isn’t being taken care of as it should be. I moved to Wildomar almost 5 years ago, and seems the city is not being managed and taken care of as it should be. It is sad to see the parks budget partially being used to pay city employee salaries & benefits that should be covered under our regular city budget. Are these employees working more than 40 hrs a week covered by their budgeted city salaries to spend time only on park activities that warrant money from the parks budget? Seems like the parks budget is not being spent effectively for what will truly benefit the residents of the community. How many residents are taking advantage of the movie nights? Could this and other money for more extras be better spent to provide better and more effective maintenance for things to keep the landscape, playground equipment, etc. properly cared for in better condition? Seems the per household annual park fee could be better managed.
    Not even a park for those of us east of the I-15 in Wildomar.

    1. Kenny Post author

      Unfortunately Measure Z was worded in such a way that it was allowed to pay for a whole host of things. It will be the responsibility of the Oversight Committee to see to it that the monies spent were proper which is going to be a real feat.
      From what I have observed this city needs a full time employee to maintain the parks property before any money is spent on activities that benefit a very few (movies in the park have been attended by about 200 persons for the first at Marna and about 100 persons for the last one at Windsong) the parks are in my eyes filthy, with trash strewn about, gum everywhere, improper watering which is wasting enormous amount of a precious resourse, the list is long.
      I am sorry to hear you are on the east side where the County of Riverside spent considerable money to purchase a piece of land that was no where near acceptable for parkland, the topography of the property defies logic when one thinks of a park.
      I will do a follow up to last nights Measure Z Oversight Meeting which was most enlightening but poorly attended as usual.


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