Today Friday October 24, 2014 will go down as the day the CITY OF WILDOMAR showed its true colors.
Despite a promise at the February 12, 2014 City Council meeting during which council members reached a consensus whereby the fence at Windsong Park would be removed only after all security measures were in place.

On this day the fence came down without the consensus of the Wildomar City Council.

The fact that all the homes surrounding this park, all four sides, except one homeowner signed a petition requesting the fence remain until such time as their safety and well-being could be assured, not one homeowner was notified in advance of this event.

Its kind of funny that the person with the other petition signed by people living blocks away from the park knew this fence would be coming down this month as expoused a couple of weeks ago in a hit run attack, this is how this person operates, they give you their two cents and then leave immediately as your comments are unimportant to them.
It is total sign of disrespect when the City Manager sat at the same table with members of the Measure Z Oversight Committee just the night before an stated security measures would not be installed for another couple of weeks yet said not one word about this fence coming down on a Friday
(City Hall is closed until Monday).

Included in last nights presentation was information that the city has added two new phone numbers. One is in case there is a problem at one of the parks, such as a water leak or something is broken and needs immediate attention, calling this number will result in an e-mail being sent to 5 individual city employees. The other phone number is for citizens to be able to contact park security before calling the Po-Po, because everyone knows they won’t show. The big problem here is these numbers are no where to be found.
Just maybe its time to take the respect we as citizens so rightly deserve.

Let the taking back begin by voting out the incumbents who allow this disrespect to occur.

Let the taking back begin by voting out the incumbents who allow this disrespect to occur.

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