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Freedom Swing at Marna O’Brien Park One Year Later




Towards the end of the video it appears someone has gotten tired of waiting for the city to unchain this swing in the park. This is the second time I have noticed the latch having been bent so the citizens that paid more than $31,000 could use this apparatus that has been installed twice in the same park. (The first time it was installed it was removed less than a month later, after having failed a safety inspection.)

Some still Photos show the swing has a broken catch that hold the ramp in upward position

Upper Right side of swing has broken clip. The swing is also leaning to one side for some strange reason.

My Matilija or Fried Egg Poppy

Bought this as a 1 gallon plant a year ago. Was the most expensive plant I have ever paid for at $35.00 from Armstrong Nursery in Temecula.
I has finally paying off with daily new blooms that are approximately 5 inches across.

The wife’s hand in this one gives you an idea of how big

This plant that started out as a 1 ft X 1 ft plant is now over 7 feet tall and at least that wide