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While perusing the city of wildomar website I came across a RFP/RFQ Name: BUNDY CANYON SAFETY IMPROVEMENT PROJECT – CIP 033.
The project Description: The City of Wildomar is soliciting
proposals from qualified and experienced firms to provide comprehensive engineering design services to support the City in its implementation of the Bundy Canyon Safety
Improvement Project as stated in this Request for Proposal (RFP).

While digging into exactly what this project entails one is led to Caltrans District 8


Project No.
HSIPL-5484 (010)

Project Description
Bundy Canyon Road between Canyon Ranch Road and Sunset Avenue.
The project will install 4′ wide paved shoulder on both side of the street from Pulip lane to Chicko Hills Rd., install 4 solar powered speed feedback signs and 25 regulatory speed warning signs.


Comment History for HSIPL-5484 (010)
Entry Date Activity/Comments
08/06/2015 Mail Received: RFA (PE) 1 original, 1 copy
06/30/2015 Mail Received: RFA (PE) 1 original, 1 copy
04/24/2015 Mail Received: RFA (PE) 1 copie, 0 originals

Page down to Interactive Pages In Left Column – Click on “Local Projects”- Enter Wildomar in Agency Box this will take you to the page with all projects in Wildomar under Caltrans Review.

FYI – Canyon Ranch Rd to Sunset Ave is a distance of 3 miles for which this project per “the documentation” will install 25 speed warning signs on a roadway posted at 45 mph, except for the area around the private school which somehow earned a lower speed limit thru the school zone designation. (Something not given Sycamore Academy on Palomar)

After picking myself of the floor and digging a little deeper one can surmise this project runs runs along Bundy Canyon Rd from Tulip Lane to Chico Hills Rd.. This is a distance of 1.1 miles.
Its interesting to note that most school zones extend a distance of 500 feet before and 500 after the school property line. Municipalities are allowed to extend this to 1000 feet.
The signs are going to be similar to the ones installed at David A. Brown Middle School.

Its a sad day when wildomar public works cannot submit paperwork nor follow up with corrections to a state agency with the correct street designations and extent of work to be performed.
This is akin to using old stationary to start eminent domain proceedings, which wildomar has done recently.


Monument to those that will fall.

Monument to those that will fall.

On December 8, 2015 between 5:30pm an 7:00pm residents of Wildomar will be fed a line about how the expenditure of $2,000,000.00 on this project to add a couple of feet of asphalt along Grand Ave and painting a whiteline separating this new space from the current traffic lanes will benefit the local citizens of Wildomar.
One of the objectives desired is to increase the ridership at the local middle school.

A nice sunny school day with 4 bicycles in the lot.

A nice sunny school day with 4 bicycles in the lot.

The current 4 daily ridership if increased 100% will give Wildomar some kind of “Brownie Points” with several government agencies but do little to benefit local citizens.

This bike lane project will also occupy the curbside of Clinton Keith Road up to the turn-off to city hall. Just watch for all the apartment dwellers parked along George Driveway by the Albertson’s Center.

The flyer put out by the city of wildomar

The flyer put out by the city of wildomar


Once again Wildomar will cancel its “Measure Z Oversight Meeting”. This time around its reportedly because of a lack of a quorum.
Never mind that this meeting would normally have occurred in October but was pushed out due to city officials not having enough time to gather the necessary information.

This current group of citizens manning the committee apparently do not consider this committee to be of any importance as this date has been know to them for several months.
Of this group two individuals could not even be bothered to turn in their annual audit despite the city giving them a form that detailed what to look for, all they need to do was fill it in.

While looking over the current batch of numbers city officials should consider themselves fortunate this cancellation occurred as many important figures generated are pure garbage.

An example are the figures given for water usage.

Water Bill at Marna O’Brien Park for the period 7/1/15 – 9/30/15 shown as $4,533.00

But when one looks at what the city has already paid one finds an enormous discrepancy.

Voucher 205220 09/03/2015 000012 EVMWD Invoice #7574988
07/06/15 – 08/04/15 Water Marna O’Brien $3,672.03

Voucher 205349 10/15/2015 000012 EVMWD Invoice #7623179
8/04/15 – 9/04/15 Water Marna O’Brien $9,226.88

Total $12,898.91 while still missing 31 days of billings. That’s a -$8,365.91 difference

Water Bill at Regency Heritage Park for the period 7/1/15 – 9/30/15 shown as $509.00

Voucher 205220 09/03/2015 000012 EVMWD Invoice #7583346
07/09/15 – 08/07/15 Water Heritage Park (Aut) $393.51

Voucher 205349 10/15/2015 000012 EVMWD Invoice #7627110
8/07/15 – 9/08/15 Water Regency Heritage (Aut $554.10

Total $947.61 while still missing 30 days of billings. That’s a -$438.61 difference

Water Bill at Windsong Park for the period 7/1/15 – 9/30/15 shown as $1,120.00

Voucher 205220 09/03/2015 000012 EVMWD Invoice #7593870
07/16/15 – 08/14/15 Water Windsong Park $755.18

Voucher 205382 10/22/2015 000012 EVMWD Invoice #7640993
8/14/15 – 9/14/15 Water Windsong Park $1,115.21

Total is $1,870.39 while missing 31 days of billings. That’s a -$750.39

Electricity appears to be very much the same, under reported by a huge amount. Unfortunately the city continues to hide the actual electric bill in the vouchers by calling it city electricity (this lumps all the parks together). Every other electric bill for CSA’s, Cemetery, Ball Field, specific addresses are listed separate.

Electric cost are so far off its laughable. Last years usage for the two summer months exceeded $4,000 each month and now staff is telling this committee that cost for the whole quarter, three months is $2,834.00. This is less than three weeks worth of usage for any summer month of last year, the inaugural year when little organized activity occurred.
Just the customer charge (cost of having a meter) for Regency Heritage Park with no electric usage exceeds the $49.00 listed. At $0.836 per day X 92 days (7/1/15 – 9/30/15) comes to $76.91.
In the coming days I will be (to the chagrin of some) placing a public records request, by meter number, for each of the parks to verify the true number.


Encampment -1

The city of wildomar (this means staff as the citizens haven’t been asked their opinion) has expressed an interest in utilizing a future retention basin as a city park. This area had one such basin/park in the 1990’s located in the Canyon Crest tract of homes at the intersection of Great Falls Road and View Crest Drive. When Ortega Trails Park District ceased to exist the right to access was relinquished back to Riverside County Flood Control. Never to be thought about again.

This is the former Canyon View Park which had a slab for basketball a few table and a walking trail around the perimeter along the top. All paid for by residents of the former Ortega Trails Park District.

Tomorrow on Tuesday November 17, 2015 at the Riverside County Board of Supervisor’s meeting there will be a vote on Item 11-2. This vote will be to spend $3,320,000 (that’s 3 1/3 million dollars) to purchase just under 20 acres of land for a potential retention basin.

The real issue here is the location of this future basin places it directly across the street from the future Walmart making this location ripe for unwanted development. Namely the “Wildomart Homeless Encampment”

Retention Property
This property is directly across from the future Super Walmart.

The city of wildomar has expressed an interest to the County of Riverside to possibly use the basin site as a joint flood control/park. One only has to look at the current state of Regency Heritage Park in Wildomar, an Open Channel in the Lakeland Village Master Drainage Plan, to see where this will end up.
The above photos of Regency were taken months apart

The entire Board of Supervisors packet for this can be found at