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Only thing a politician is interested in

Only thing a politician is interested in

While reviewing requested documents from the City of wildomar one can’t help notice the electric bill for 19 different meters. At an average monthly cost of $25.08 (83.6 cents a day X 30 days) for each meter this totals $476.52 monthly for the meters or an annual cost of $5,797.66 for these 19 meters just for privilege of have electrical service. If they were really necessary this would not be a problem.
Necessary is the problem, with a monthly usage of just under 8 kWh per meter for the month costing right around $1.18 for electricity, this is $26.81 for the electricity used by 19 meters (in the month reviewed) vs. the monthly cost of having the 19 meters at $476.52.
With the meters costing 18 times the cost of the electricity used this leads one to wonder if there is not a better way.
But, why bother, the taxpayers are on the hook for this cost with many of these meters being paid for by County Service Areas (CSA) or Lighting and Landscape Maintenance Districts (L&LMD), the tax that pays for your landscaped common areas. These CSA’s and L&LMD’S for the most part have inflation escalators included allowing government to pass on this cost to the citizen.
These anointed ones that sit on the dias once a month are always pushing the HERO program, to finance energy efficiency, renewable energy and water conservation improvements which encumbers your property to the local government via your tax bill. There was talk of adding solar panels to city hall, which we don’t own and would necessitate purchasing the building, further indebting a city government that claims it can’t afford citizens without taxing them more.

You will at least be able to park in the shade. The trees that are promised with each development will be a casualty though.

You will at least be able to park in the shade. The trees that are promised with each development will be a casualty though.

For approximately $150.00 for each location a solar collector with converter, super capacitor or battery system could be installed to replace each meter currently costing double this amount annually. These savings could then be passed on to the local citizens, wouldn’t that be a novel idea.


The City of Wildomar is about to engage in the business of selling bus passes. They will make a 5 percent commission on all bus passes sold at City Hall.

Typical Bus Stop in Wildomar, if your lucky

Typical Bus Stop in Wildomar, if your lucky

The major problem with this idea is that fact it is 1/2 a mile round trip from the nearest bus stop on Clinton Keith to City Hall and back.
Currently every type of bus pass can be purchased online and picked up at ones mailbox or they can be purchased at Cardenas Market on Mission Trail or the Circle K located in the Mobil Station on Diamond Drive and Mission Trail as this program is geared towards businesses. Therefore the Albertson Market on Clinton Keith is better set up to do this service and they are open 7 days a week 6 am to midnight where city hall is open only 4 days a week.
If the City insist on this folly a better choice would be to sell these passes at the Library using the current volunteers, this is a hundred feet round trip, but wait its only called the Wildomar Library and the County has not seen fit to engage in this business.
Last but not least no one could give a number of how many request have been made at city hall for this service in the past year. One maybe two people?


A city council that wishes to be trusted with the local control that was promised during the fight to gain cityhood continues to approve nonsensical documents such as the one shown.

Notice of Completion

This official document will be recorded in the County Recorder’s Office at the County of Riverside notifying all concerned that the Residential Slurry Project for Fiscal Year 2013/14 has satisfactorily been completed.

One has to wonder what the “Enhancement of the safety of certain routes to Ronald Reagan Elementary School which is on the east side of the freeway has to do with a project that occurred on the west side of the freeway primarily in the Windsong Tract and Regency Tract of homes.

NOC Line 4

This along with the cracks already returning only a few months after completion rather than the 5-6 years and the weeds already growing up through the slurry shows the continued apathy this city council displays towards its citizens.
Council members are so wrapped up in everybody else’s business they have no time for Wildomar.


Got to make sure they stay buried

Got to make sure they stay buried

Do not cheat on your spouse or read any banned books in the parks.

At Wednesday nights city council meeting the citizens of Wildomar were in essence told there would be no discussion regarding the recently installed video cameras located at 2 of Wildomars Parks and the Wildomar Cemetery.

Despite the fact that video surveillance recordings are public record and this city has never held public hearing regarding the use of these cameras or the provisions for the keeping of any recordings such as length of time.

What are they recording, everything 27/7 only certain hours of the day or night.

What are they observing (activities in the park stopping at the parking lot, the sidewalk, the middle of the street the far sidewalk) where does the view end, the fence line along houses, the back of the house, and how do the citizens know these limits are being maintained.
What are the policies in place to prevent a disgruntled whoever from changing the parameters.

These cameras are capable of pan tilt and zoom, be careful of what you read in the park.

Who has access to the feed from these cameras, the police, private security company, city employees. Does anyone in this town have any idea
These are wireless technology according to the manufacturer and depending on the technology used subject to being highjacked by unscrupulous characters.
Do anyone have any idea how secure this system is or how secure the cities wonderful computer system is.
This technology is capable of being accessed from anywhere in the world.
Per the Manufacturer’s website (Just add power and within minutes, you can be viewing live or playing back recorded video from any computer via internet) a link is provided below to their website.

Speaking of recorded video in California, public records laws allow access to recordings from surveillance cameras, increasing the privacy threat. Under the California Public Records Act, all government records are open to inspection by the public, subject to exemptions that are to be narrowly construed.

“To say that the exemption is applicable to any document which a public agency might, under any circumstances, use in the course of [an investigation] would be to create a virtual carte blanche for the denial of public access to public records. The exception would thus swallow the rule.”

In other words, the recordings should only be exempt if there is a “concrete and definite prospect” of actual enforcement proceedings, i.e., the tapes contain footage showing a crime in progress that will be used as part of a police investigation.

If the city should use this technology to protect its self in a liability suit what happens to the assumed exemptions that this city is falsely operating under.

Now is the time to speak up before this city runs amuck an tramples your right to privacy.

To read more about the system installed in Wildomar you visit the manufacturers website at