Stop the Noise

On Wednesday evening April 6th the wildomar Planning Commission is set to revise the Provisions of Chapter 17.256 related to temporary permits.

In doing so they will eliminated reference to “Major Events” and “Minor Events” by consolidating the standards into one section without distinguishing between a “major” and “minor” events.

Currently a “Major Event” is defined as a temporary event which 2,000 or more people are expected to attend. A major event may not be held at any location other than an established facility which is defined as

“Established facility” means an existing, legally permitted facility that is designed and constructed to accommodate 2,000 or more people.
(Wildomar Municipal Code 17.256.020 Definitions.)

Under the revised Chapter 17.256 Temporary events include but are not limited to, farmers markets, music festivals, stage or theatrical shows, sports events, fairs, carnivals, rodeos, automobile sales, shows or races, off-road vehicle sales, shows or races, animal sales, shows or races, heavy equipment auctions and tent revival meetings.
Farmers Markets is being added to the definitions despite the last attempt at a Farmers Market lasted all of a couple of months before closing up in abject failure, costing citizens of wildomar thousands of dollars in upgrades to Marna O’Brien Park.

Under the new rules proposed a temporary event may be held in any location within the City that is of the appropriate size and has the appropriate infrastructure to serve the anticipated number of attendees, as determined by the Planning and Public Works Directors.
“Temporary event” means an event held, either indoors or outdoors, on no more than four (4) consecutive days, to which the public is invited, with or without charge.

What’s not said here is
Application Limitations: An application for a temporary event permit shall not be processed and shall be summarily denied if 12 temporary events have already occurred at the location in question during the past 12 months.

That works out to noisy nights being possible next door to your home a total of 48 days per year. Not a month of Sundays but A month and a Half

Hours of Operation. Any activity for which a temporary minor event permit is issued shall not be allowed to operate between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m
Appeals. An applicant or, any interested person, may appeal the decision of the Planning Director to the City Council within 10 days of the date of the decision. The appeal shall be made on the forms provided by the Planning Department and shall be accompanied by the filing fee set forth in Chapter 3.44. That fee is currently set at:
Wildomar Municipal Code
Chapter 3.44 FEES
3.44.210 Land use fees. A. The following fees shall be paid to the Planning Director and deposited in the general fund:
1. Appeals to Planning Commission or City Council Fixed Fee ($)
Planning Department $910

To read the entire proposed changes to the municipal code download the Planning Commission Agenda Packet at http://www.cityofwildomar.org/uploads/files/minutes/04-06-16-pap.pdf

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