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Where ever they want.

Where ever they want.

A recent survey of Wildomar’s parks, Thursday July 17,2014 shows that all but one of the “Doggie Walk Bag” dispensers being empty and they have been for a couple of weeks. The one that has bags is improperly loaded making it next to impossible to remove a bag without destroying it. This does not include the fact that there are no dispensers located at Windsong Park, which is heavily used because it is currently a fenced in area, despite the holes in the back fence.
These are located 2 each at Regency Heritage, 2 each at Marna O'Brien and Zero at Windsong Park.

These are located 2 each at Regency Heritage, 2 each at Marna O’Brien and Zero at Windsong Park.

These bags are necessary because all of Wildomar’s parks drain into Municipal Separate Stormwater Sewer Systems (MS4) which then drain into protected waters. Marna O’Brien drains into Heritage Regency which then drains into Lake Elsinore. Windsong Park drains into the Murrieta Creek by way of a unnamed tributary. These bags also help keep the parks somewhat sanitary for “the children” who like to crawl about.
This is in a grassy area. Some has been run over by the mowers in other grassy areas.

This is in a grassy area. Some has been run over by the mowers in other grassy areas.

This is in the shrubs

This is in the shrubs

While talking to the part time groundskeeper responsible for these dispensers the bags are on order, which doesn’t solve the immediate problem of an increasing amount of dog excrement in the parks. Is it so difficult to go to the local pet supply house with petty cash and get some. Better yet if they are on order from the regular supplier, bite the bullet, pay for expedited shipping and learn from it.
Just one more problem with having a part-time person overseeing the parks.
Please show up at the oversight meeting that is scheduled for Thursday July 24 at 6:30 PM and request that the city either make the current person a full time parks employee or they hire someone to be full time.


This is my response to the State of California asking for ideas to a call for action to expand water storage capacity and improve groundwater management.

Living in Southwest Riverside California where 60+ percent of the water supplied by the local districts is imported due to an already depleted groundwater environment I see numerous areas where water is wasted.
One being the re-use of reclaimed water. Currently reclaimed water from the Santa Margarita watershed at Temecula is pumped north to the Santa Ana watershed rather than being re-used locally, other than a small portion being used to stabilize Lake Elsinore and watering some parks and schools. Part of this is due to the quantity and quality of the reclaimed water entering the Murrieta Creek a short distance from the ocean. An idea would be to take a portion of this reclaimed water being pumped north out of its current watershed, and introducing it into several of the ephemeral streams during their normally dry periods allowing for further cleansing by a natural process of stream flow, being this amount would be a known quantity it could by adjusted so that a large portion of this new flow would recharge the groundwater basin rather than flow to the ocean. This new flow would intern create new wildlife corridors and increase flow in existing threatened stream beds during times of drought.
Another method to increase groundwater recharge would be to either core holes or create channels in the existing concrete lined flood control channels creating places for additional reclaimed water to be introduced to opportunities to recharge the groundwater basins while still providing for flood control, primarily during dry periods rather than allowing this immense amount of reclaimed water that started out as imported water to be discharged into the ocean used only once

Kenny Mayes
Wildomar California

If anyone has an idea they would like to share with the state the can read what is already being proposed and submit their ideas at http://www.opr.ca.gov/s_groundwater.php


Workshop Canceled
The San Diego Water Board workshop scheduled for Friday, March 14 (referenced below) has been canceled. It has not been rescheduled. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Please direct questions about this message to:

Deborah Woodward
Impaired Waters Restoration Unit
San Diego Water Board
2375 Northside Drive, Suite 100
San Diego, CA 92108

Murrieta Creek after recent dredging operation

Murrieta Creek after recent dredging operation

In light of the recent dredging activity on the Murrieta Creek in the vicinity of McVicar St., Wildomar, CA entirely due to the proposed housing development at Palomar St. and McVicar, public comments on this draft resolution should sent, after reading it of course.

California Regional Water Quality Control Board, San Diego Region
Proposed Resolution to Strengthen Efforts to Protect and Restore Streams, Wetlands, and Riparian Areas, Particularly Related to Proposed Dredge and Fill Activity

At the workshop, staff will give an overview of the draft resolution and will receive comments and questions. Staff would like to hear any concerns about the draft resolution as well as ideas for its improvement. A quorum of Board members may be present

Friday, March 14, 2014, 10:00–noon
San Diego Water Board, Board Meeting Room
2375 Northside Drive, Suite 100
San Diego, CA 92108

Document Availability
The draft resolution will be made available to the public approximately 10 days prior to the workshop at http://www.waterboards.ca.gov/sandiego and via email

Electronic Mailing List
The draft resolution will be sent to those subscribed to the Board’s electronic mailing lists for (a) Board Meetings, (b) 401 Certification Program, and (c) Basin Planning Issues. Those who were forwarded this notice and want to receive the draft resolution via email can subscribe to any of these lists directly at: http://www.waterboards.ca.gov/resources/email_subscriptions/reg9_subscribe.shtml


The City of Wildomar is at it once again. They will be holding a neighborhood meeting (this means they notified only the people within 600 feet of the project).
This project which abuts the Murrieta Creek (aka Flood Control Channel) on one side and the backyards of the homes on Darby St. on the other, between Gruwell St. and Central St. The City of Wildomar will attempt to shoehorn 15 parcels into a space approximately 140 feet in width X 1262 feet in length. This parcel currently has access along its ends at Gruwell St. and at Central St. and at the end (terminus) of Elm St.
In order to gain access to all of the parcels a road is going to have to be constructed either along the Murrieta Creek or the backyards of the existing homes on Darby which will narrow the depth of these parcels substantially. This will also prevent any future widening of the Murrieta Creek at this point.
Meeting Place: City Hall Date: February 26, 2014 Time: 6:00 PM
Elm St. Subdivision