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Even though I agree with Martha Bridges, shame on me right, that Wildomar did not properly adopt the County of Riverside General Plan or the Elsinore Area Plan nor have they since incorporation attempted to complete one and therefore do not have a proper General Plan I have attended most of the meetings on updating the General Plan.
I do this because one never knows which the courts will rule on any matter before them and do not wish to left unheard on this important document in the event that the courts rule in favor of the city.
Having said that I also have to say I am real tired of the City of Wildomar blaming all of the shortcomings on the lost of the Vehicle Licensing Fees (VLF). Starting way back in 2008 shortly after incorporation the then Interim City Manager John Danielson started warning council members of the tenuous nature of VLF. It was not until June of 2011 a full 3 years after incorporation that the funding was eliminated by total surprise, therefore Wildomar should have already started the process for a General Plan 6 months prior to this time.
Both of the Cities of Menifee and Eastvale, two cities that also lost VLF funding started and have completed their General Plans, even the City of Jurupa Valley has asked the State of California for a two year extension to complete theirs, Wildomar didn’t give it a second thought until a lawsuit was filed challenging them on whether they had or didn’t have one.
The loss of VLF hurt for sure but law enforcement and fire took the brunt of the cost cutting, the sad fact is Wildomar was never in a financial position to be a city, unfortunately we are one and must try to behave like one as best we can.


Upon city incorporation in 2008, the City of Wildomar adopted the Riverside County Municipal Code. The code includes an open space requirement of 3 acres of neighborhood and community parkland per 1,000 residents. As of 2012, according to the California Department of Finance, Wildomar’s estimated population was 32,719. As demonstrated in Table 3.10.7-1, the city’s current open space inventory includes 542.11 acres (220.92 Open Space Conservation, 306.93 acres of Open Space Recreation and 14.26 acres of Parkland), which surpasses the 98.16 acres required by the City’s Municipal Code.

This statement was included in CITY OF WI LDOMAR, OA K CR E E K CANYON DEVELOPMENT , ADMINISTRATIVE DRAFT ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT REPORT for which the City of Wildomar was the lead agency and completed in November of 2012.
(http://www.cityofwildomar.org/uploads/files/downloads/Attachment%20A%20-%20Exhibit%201%20DEIR.pdf )

These numbers were once again confirmed in the following:

Initial Study for the LENNAR RESIDENTIAL PROJECT TENTATIVE TRACT MAP 36497 (http://www.cityofwildomar.org/uploads/files/environmental/12-0364/Lennar-Residential-Project_IS_MND.pdf ) completed in May of 2013 for which the City of Wildomar was once again the lead agency along with the current author of the Update of the City of Wildomar General Plan ‘PMC World of 6020 Cornerstone Court West, Suite 260, San Diego, Ca 92121

In the current Draft General Plan the City of Wildomar, again the lead agency along with PMC, it is claimed there are 232.2 acres of Open Space Conservation Habitat Land along with 183.1 acres of Open Space Recreation Land (which includes the current 41.26 acres of Parkland).

A quick check of Western Riverside County Regional Conservation Authority website http://www.wrc-rca.org/interactive_map.asp shows that the city of Wildomar currently has 656.4 acres of Open Space Conservation Habit land.
I am still researching the Open Space Recreation Land but with out a current map of what the city claims is Open Space Recreation land one has to go by the previous map done by the County of Riverside which past research has shown includes a sewage treatment facility, maintenance facilities along with other non-recreational uses.

With such a disparity in numbers one has to wonder just how many more errors there are in this document the City of Wildomar is claiming will be our salvation.