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The fence was removed from Windsong Park on Friday October 24, 2014. At least partly which is so typical of this city.

Couldn't get the fence all the way out of the sidewalk.

Couldn’t get the fence all the way out of the sidewalk.

When Wildomar City Council members were contacted by concerned neighbors about why they were not notified of this event the political drivel started.
Even though some living elsewhere have claimed knowledge of its impending removal for weeks, with a surprising degree of accuracy, most council members claimed ignorance about the timing of the removal and a lack of notification being given to homes surrounding the park.
Even though a Council Consensus reached at a February 12, 2014 meeting stated the fence would remain until such time as appropriate security measures were in place just maybe citizens should have asked for this situation to be entered as a formal agenda item requiring a vote.
At the February meeting several items were discussed as appropriate security measures.
1. A log in station located inside the park for park security personnel requiring them to walk up to it and check in to insure they did more than just drive-by.
2. Security lighting along the perimeter to eliminate some of the hiding places of those violating park hours. DAWN TO DUSK
3. Security cameras meant to provide remote monitoring of the parks after hours.

While some council members claim these security measure are in place with the addition of an ADA restroom (maybe the security office)
A phone number (951)245-1974 to contact the private security company (A number which is only on the cheap ass signs at Windsong Park, if something happens at one of the other parks forget it, call (800) 950-2444 for Wildomar Police Non-Emergency (Non response as well).
Speaking of the cheap ass signs, it appears the fence was left in the way otherwise there would be no place to hang the cheap ass signs.

Example of a real sign

Example of a real sign

Another real sign. As often as the ones we have get stolen we pay for a good one in a year.

Another real sign. As often as the ones we have get stolen we could have paid for a good one.

Lights in the gazebos, which have been there since the county installed them and remained on 24/7 until electricians doing some work installed a photovoltaic cell which turned them off in the day time.
These lights currently can turned off by accessing the box with the switch, currently unsecured.

Look ma no lock

Look ma no lock

The log in station is nowhere to be found (unless the restroom is wired).

Perimeter lighting according to the city manager is still a couple of weeks away.
Cameras are going to be like the cameras that were promised at Marna O’Brien Park some years back costing $12,000 that never showed up even though the money disappeared. A figment of someone’s vivid imagination.

Couldn't even get it off the sidewalk

Couldn’t even get it off the sidewalk

Notice the chain to it from being stolen, the last one at this park was set on fire.
Let’s add some more insult.
The grass might grow
This grass is front and center of the park

This grass is front and center of the park

if the sprinkler wasn’t buried

Under a rock

Under a rock

Lets hope this was done so no one can be lock in the crapper.
In case you didn't notice the broken latch in the previous picture.  If locked in just kick.

In case you didn’t notice the broken latch in the previous picture. If locked in just kick.

All is not a complete disaster as shown below.
Now looks like this
All better with a new box.

All better with a new box.

If you should notice something that is broken please call the new maintenance number at (951) 678-2451

Rumination For March 6, 2014

Was thinking today about all the problems with getting the parks open in Wildomar and recalled a recent project proposed by the City of Wildomar in their 5 year Community Improvement Program for what is being called Gateway Park.
This is a proposed park at the corner of Malaga Rd and Mission Trail that is a pet project of the City Manager for the City of Wildomar with a proposed budget of $100,000 assuming that the city can acquire the property from the County of Riverside for $0. The entire purpose of this park is to make the City of Lake Elsinore move their “Welcome to Lake Elsinore Sign”across the intersection into the City of Lake Elsinore rather than being located in Wildomar which seems to really bother the city manager to no end.
Rather than spending $100,000 on this ridiculous make believe park project would it not be more feasible to spend this money on getting a joint use agreement and fixing up the playground area at Jean Hayman Elementary School to utilize as a real park for the residents of North Wildomar, especially since this closed facility has access to reclaimed water which was brought there after the school was closed.
Might even make sense to spend the money cleaning up a former park located at Gafford Rd and Great Falls Rd. which is located in a retention basin former controlled by Ortega Trails. The cement pad for a basketball court is still there in this all but forgotten area of Wildomar.