While perusing the city of wildomar website I came across a RFP/RFQ Name: BUNDY CANYON SAFETY IMPROVEMENT PROJECT – CIP 033.
The project Description: The City of Wildomar is soliciting
proposals from qualified and experienced firms to provide comprehensive engineering design services to support the City in its implementation of the Bundy Canyon Safety
Improvement Project as stated in this Request for Proposal (RFP).

While digging into exactly what this project entails one is led to Caltrans District 8


Project No.
HSIPL-5484 (010)

Project Description
Bundy Canyon Road between Canyon Ranch Road and Sunset Avenue.
The project will install 4′ wide paved shoulder on both side of the street from Pulip lane to Chicko Hills Rd., install 4 solar powered speed feedback signs and 25 regulatory speed warning signs.


Comment History for HSIPL-5484 (010)
Entry Date Activity/Comments
08/06/2015 Mail Received: RFA (PE) 1 original, 1 copy
06/30/2015 Mail Received: RFA (PE) 1 original, 1 copy
04/24/2015 Mail Received: RFA (PE) 1 copie, 0 originals

Page down to Interactive Pages In Left Column – Click on “Local Projects”- Enter Wildomar in Agency Box this will take you to the page with all projects in Wildomar under Caltrans Review.

FYI – Canyon Ranch Rd to Sunset Ave is a distance of 3 miles for which this project per “the documentation” will install 25 speed warning signs on a roadway posted at 45 mph, except for the area around the private school which somehow earned a lower speed limit thru the school zone designation. (Something not given Sycamore Academy on Palomar)

After picking myself of the floor and digging a little deeper one can surmise this project runs runs along Bundy Canyon Rd from Tulip Lane to Chico Hills Rd.. This is a distance of 1.1 miles.
Its interesting to note that most school zones extend a distance of 500 feet before and 500 after the school property line. Municipalities are allowed to extend this to 1000 feet.
The signs are going to be similar to the ones installed at David A. Brown Middle School.

Its a sad day when wildomar public works cannot submit paperwork nor follow up with corrections to a state agency with the correct street designations and extent of work to be performed.
This is akin to using old stationary to start eminent domain proceedings, which wildomar has done recently.

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