As we enter the 3rd Fiscal Year of the Measure Z Parcel tax (having spent $633,345.00 as of May 31,2015) this is a look at where we have come.
With the most recent passage of the latest 2 year budget this city will have spent a projected 1 1/4 million dollars over a 4 year period on these 3 parks.

The focus of this article will be Regency-Heritage Park with some mention of Marna O’Brien and Windsong. In the days to follow will be a more detailed report on the other two parks.

At the main entrance off of Autumn Oak Place used by school children daily during the school year.
On December 21, 2013

One can’t help notice the gaping hole in the fence. A year and a half later!!!

The hole is still there only a little larger.

Right next to this spot lies a backflow device that is inspected regularly. Along with this device is another hole

Same condition and graffito a year and a half later

Graffito: a single example of graffiti.

A look at the railing over the dam in this park shows how fast rapid decay can occur because this city lacks funds to clean its storm drains
Notice the base of the railing where it meets the concrete. This was taken in February of 2014

A year and half later

One reason for this decay
Picture taken February 3, 2014 after “Great Day of Service” and before opening day.
Looks pretty much the same all those thousands of dollars later. To date just over $80,000 has been spent of just this park alone.

This post has remained broken despite over $10,000 being spent installing new fencing around the dog park.
Opening Day April 2014

Even the Owls aren’t immuned from the elements or the neglect of the city.
Look closely at the open sun-roof in May of 2014
Maybe its a seasonal thing, or it was a feel good moment when this was introduced as Wildomar’s way of pest control.

Back to the dam and the seen and unseen problems it creates.
What lurks in the $13,806.00 + material (BOG)
This picture was taken 1 1/2 months after new Engineered Wood Fiber was added to the Tot-Lot in haste

Not surprising as this Tot-Lot still lacks the State of California required signage with warnings about choke and burn hazards.
Our sign
Front and Rear

A proper signP09-25-14_10.26[1]
The two additional parks Marna O’Brien and Windsong have no such signage what so ever.

After several months past the parks opening an inspection of the Tot-Lots was completed. This identified several deficiencies, over an above the signs, which have yet to be corrected.
One is a slide which is to steep per the guidelines
The graffiti (black splotches) was also called into question in that report.

Not all is bad though, after many months we noticed some improvement
New trash cans to replace
The opening day decor. Notice the missing BBQ, its still missing. This along with 2 tables that were taken to another park.
Which someone using Regency-Heritage Park noticed

We also went from this
To this
Even though the hoop is still bent you now get the swoosh sound.
The premier park Marna O’Brien not only got new nets but also new hoops.
Regency-Heritage and Windsong Parks also got a bulletin board which might last till the end of the year.
A little over three weeks later
The bulletin board at Windsong is only usable on the top half as the bottom gets wet when ever the grass gets watered.
I called Marna O’Brien the premier park but it has its share of issues. Namely the Tot-Lot which went from ADA accessible to not.

See the wheel chair ramp

Now you don’t

This after another wonderful project brought to you by the 2 council members that have brought forward many of the additions that contain a rural flavor (on the cheap). Beware coming soon is a project to add shade covers over at least one Tot-Lot (this will be designed in house and constructed by volunteers) see pad above for one such project.

City of Wildomar 2 year budget projections found on page 232 of 491

Found in the same agenda as above is:
City of Wildomar 4th Quarter Expenditure Status Report page 488 of 491

The Measure Z Annual Report FY 2013-14 can be found @

Rules for California Playgrounds can be found @

and @


  1. Martha Bridges

    Kenny Mayes, through his tireless efforts here on Wildomar Connected and working closely with city staff, has given us the information and photos that shine a bright light on the true status of our parks. He continues to seek out and publish crucial information that is not nor likely ever will be provided by the useless and ineffective Measure Z oversight committee.

    It is both shocking and disappointing to see the poor physical condition of our three modest little parks after so much money and time has supposedly been expended on them. Surely the city can and must do better, even if they have to hire the county or other external professional contractors to plan and run a meaningful and comprehensive parks program and oversee the parks adequate maintenance, It is time for our safety policies to be finalized and enforced, our ADA compliance completed, park signage and the many other requirements to be brought up-to-date and compatible with professional standards.

    Having local scout troops and other volunteer groups install makeshift, unprofessional bulletin boards and other informational displays that rapidly deteriorate should not be acceptable substitutions for quality installations of these necessary items. Nor should more or less purely entertaining events be a satisfactory alternative for real recreational programs. Citizens passed Measure Z. They are paying the tax and the city is receiving the revenue. It is time we get what we are paying for as residents and taxpayers.

    It certainly should be an affront to any thinking Wildomar residents that we continue to have no real parks and recreation program that can attract and serve a large percentage of city residents and be used by most citizens – rather than the minuscule number of residents and children. Providing semi-commercial “events” just doesn’t cut it. These events are no adequate replacement for a true recreational program. They offer little more than self-promoting venues for the Rotary Club and the Chamber of Commerce – and questionable local vendors selling merchandise out of the trunks of their cars and vans.

    Wildomar’s citizens, in a highly emotional vote, passed Measure Z. They are paying the tax and the city is receiving the very substantial revenue. It is time we get what we are paying for as Wildomar residents and taxpayers. If this can’t or won’t be done, then it is time to consider the repeal of Measure Z and replacing it with a better voter sponsored initiative that has real controls and accountability in it.


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