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Has Wildoslavia failed again

Is this pothole the result of wildoslavia not cleaning out another storm drain

Evidence of a Storm Drain below this hole is provided by the Lakeland Village Master Drainage Plan

In the black circle is where this pothole is

This is so reminiscent of the Prairie Street Storm Drain of a couple of years ago.

This was the second time this occurred within weeks.

The outflow end of the above drain. This was taken 2 years ago and nothing has been done since.

Good Idea, Bad Plan

There is a move about town to install a “Drinking Fountain”, for dogs and humans, at the infamous Regency-Heritage Park located in the northwest side of Wildoslavia. While the idea has been batted about for a number of years the city has apparently located a willing child and sold them on doing a “Scout Project” to cause this fountain project to spring to life.

The idea is a good one and has been long sought after by dog owners, the few that use the DG covered dog park, as the summer months are rather warm in this part of the world where there is little grass to play on.

Above Picture taken in July

Even in Winter there is little grass in this neglected park

The above picture taken in December, the green outside dog park is weeds

The plan is bad plan because this park is a part of the, poorly maintained, drainage system that directs waters from several areas of Wildoslavia, namely to the south as far as Marna O’Brien Park and the hills to the Southwest of the park above the Woodmoor Tract of homes.

The red lines are the existing storm drain infrastructure, the blue line is the proposed additon. The following pictures show the areas where these enter the park

The above picture is looking southwest towards the hills above the Woodmoor Tract

The above picture is looking south towards Marna O’Brien Park, notice the wire has been lifted to facilitate the flow of water, presumably by city staff.

Above picture is looking east towards Palomar St.

The above picture is looking into the park from the Palomar pipe, notice the debris that has been there for years and still is.

In the past it has resulted in much damage being done to this park.


The above pictures were taken in September of 2014

This damage still happens today

Notice the engineered material that cost thousands of dollars is saturated from a December 2016 storm. The damage is so severe the swings have been removed.

Taken the day after Christmas 2016 near the drain for this Tot-Lot in Regency-Heritage Park

This poorly maintained drainage system for this park is slated for an upgrade somewhere in the future, brought to you by Riverside County Flood Control and Water  Conservation (RCFC&WCD), the upgrade is a part of the recently (January 2014) adopted Lakeland Village Master Drainage Plan

This Lakeland Village Master Drainage Plan (Lakeland Village MDP) calls for the current 10 foot wide X 18 inch deep channel through Regency-Heritage Park to be widened to 42 feet in width X 6 feet in depth. This new channel, referred to as “Open Channel A” will be capable of handling a 100-year event consisting of 1,115 cubic feet of water a second.
The city has known about this concept since they were notified by a concerned citizen more than 2 ½  years ago. Refer to



The above article was written in February of 2014

What does the city lose when this “Open Channel A” is constructed. Nobody really knows at the present time. The RCFC&WCD has a concept but no engineering has been done.

It is possible that 30 feet of the enclosed area currently called the dog park will disappear making the existing dog park smaller while at the same time making it more likely to survive as future flooding will be eliminated. It also means that whatever “Drinking Fountain” installed will lose its water source as the metered water is located on the east entrance nearest Autumn Oak Place.

That is unless the city plans for the new water pipe feeding the “Drinking Fountain” to be installed below the 6 foot depth of the future channel. Does that sound like a “Scout Project”, not many are qualified to operate a backhoe.




Wildomar Cemetery access is currently not ADA compliant on weekends and holidays. This was first observed during an event at the cemetery on a Saturday morning in May, and proven once again during a recent visit on the Fourth of July when photographic evidence shows that the three gates wide enough for wheelchair access are locked.

Front Gate facing Palomar

Front Gate facing Palomar

Side Gate facing Gruwell

Side Gate facing Gruwell

Rear Gate facing Parking Lot for Little League

Rear Gate facing Parking Lot for Little League

The only other proper entry point is a narrow passageway through the block wall on Gruwell about 200 feet from its intersection with Palomar St. (All other entry points require on to climb over the wall)

Along Gruwell St.

Along Gruwell St.

Having brought this to the attention of the city council, June 8th, where the mayor no less challenged the assertion without merit and the balance of the council was unable to respond as this was a “Public Comment” where response is prohibited by council rules.

Width of opening is 24 1/2 inches

Width of opening is 24 1/2 inches

The minimum width required for wheelchair access is 32 inches for a standard wheelchair per ADA Access Guide.

Per ADA Guideline

Per ADA Guideline

After having spent $31,000 installing a wheelchair swing in Marna O’Brien Park (for the second time) maybe the city could spend a couple hundred dollars to saw cut a wider passage way, 8 inches and provide a level concrete surface through it.


Saturday June 4, 2016, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm, during the Community Health Fair being held at Marna O’Brien Park.
Come hear about ‘Friends of the Mission Trail Library” an organization that has been around for the last fifteen years, but this may be the last year of its existence if new members are not found.
Members have served the community by providing funding and volunteers for the Friends Bookstore along with numerous library programs such as the Summer Reading Program.
The existing membership is aging, the average age of the board is approaching 76 years, many having served 2-3 terms and although their enthusiasm for the library and its programs is far from waning, the added duties of maintaining the organization is becoming daunting,
Please come out and hear about how you can join this worthy organization and give back to your community in a worthwhile way.
On hand will be several long time members to answer your questions and membership applications can be obtained, filled out and submitted or you can mail them in.
Younger members are being sought to bring this organization into the 21st century.

Also on hand will be a book written by a past resident and renowned poet who lived and worked with the Rudolph Brown Family over several summers in the late 1920’s.
An excerpt from “Give God a Flower” The sun Is burning clouds up over Lame Mare Hill As Rudolph Brown comes strolling from the barn.
Book 1

Book 2


An earthquake smack in the heart of wildomar.

A whooping 1.0 at 14.7 km or 9.2 miles depth

The link below will take you to a site which gives basic information, click on interactive map and zoom in.

This occurred at 9:07:08 last evening in the area near Wildomar Assisted Living facility and Anne Sullivan School.

This is the second time in a month, the last one occurred just north-west on Palomar near the Cemetery.


The City of Wildomar will be holding three public hearings in the near future to establish “VOTING BY DISTRICT” as was originally the choice of the community when citizens voted to become a city in 2008. With a simple question they chose “By District”

Measure D – Future Wildomar Elections
24/24 100.00%
Vote Count Percent
By District 3,457 56.96%
At Large 2,612 43.04%
Total 6,069 100.00%

The city council assumed that voters did not understand what they were voting for in that 2008 election so they devised a series of confusing measures that were placed on the November 3, 2009 ballot.

I – Wildomar Council At Large
13/13 100.00%
Vote Count Percent
YES 1,397 60.45%
NO 914 39.55%
Total 2,311 100.00%

J – Wildomar Council By District
13/13 100.00%
Vote Count Percent
NO 1,802 79.45%
YES 466 20.55%
Total 2,268 100.00%

K – Wildomar Council From Districts
13/13 100.00%
Vote Count Percent
NO 1,896 83.82%
YES 366 16.18%
Total 2,262 100.00%

In splitting the vote they achieved the city council’s goal of “At Large” elections.

Apparently a number of cities in recent weeks have received a letter from a law firm requesting they consider establishing a vote by district format in order to achieve a more equitable representation of its citizens. Either that or explain before a judge why they don’t need to.

The link below opens the letter received by the City of Hemet on December 22, 2015. Only the name will have been changed but is more than likely the same a received by the City of Wildomar


The Wildomar city council decided rather than fight the matter, which could have cost hundreds of thousands, they would establish districts in time for the upcoming elections in November. At that time 2 council members would be up for election.

On has to wonder how long the city council has known about this item, as the City of Hemet received their letter on December 22, 2015 and made the decision to establish districts.
(This question has been answered by a Press Release on January 14, 2015. The city of wildomar received its letter on December 21, 2015)

Thanks to the “California Public Records Act” the number of citizens that will receive the above “Press Release” from the city of wildomar is a known number and it is minuscule. Only 225 names are on the list (when one removes duplicate names this list is less than 220).

The question that remains to be decided in upcoming public meetings is will these elections be “from district” whereby the entire city vote for council members from each of the districts
(Update: apparently SB 493 mentioned below limits the city council to only changing to a “by district” method of voting explained below without having to go to the voters.)

This is what the city of wildomar is going to do adopt a city ordinance for elections “by district”

The three public hearings are just formality with no real meaning as of yet.

or “by district” only the registered voters in a district vote in the election to choose the council member from that area.
A candidate for the city council must reside in the district in which he or she is running.

This decision was made easier by the passage of SB 493, Cannella. Elections in cities: by or from districts, which was signed into law by the governor on October 10, 2015


Below are two reports required by the County of Riverside before the “Brown House” could be moved from it original location on Grand Avenue. The house was moved in January of 2006 from its previous location northwest of McVicar and Grand Avenue to its present location, currently called Baxter Rd., and is clearly visible from the freeway.

Brown 2

Brown 3

Read this information carefully and then you be the judge as to whether you wish to invest your time, energy and money into saving this structure.

Brown House

The first link opens a PDF. of the Cultural Resources Assessment done for the developer in April of 2004, it is 13.5 MB in size.

Cultural Resources Assessment 2004 Brown House

The second link opens the PDF. of the Historic Resources Assessment Done in October of 2004 for the same developer, it is 1.7 MB in size.

Wildomar Assessment Final Rpt_2004

Both of these reports are fraught with inaccuracies. Neither one truly answers the question of when this house was built or when additions were made.
An interesting factoid about a historical building “Easterbrook” in Wildomar is found on page 5 of the first report along with a glaring inaccuracy concerning the history of that same building, namely the person credited with building it was not born until 6 years after it was reportedly built.

The second report states that Dr. Brown with his wife arrived in Wildomar in 1890.
All 4 children were born in Ohio starting in 1891 – 1897.
as verified by “Ohio, Births and Christenings, 1821-1962”
It is reported that Dr. Brown started his practice in Wildomar in 1890.
Dr. Brown graduated from Starling Medical College, Ohio in 1886 but was only granted a certificate to practice medicine in Wildomar, California on April 7, 1896. As reported in the Pacific Medical Journal, Volume 39 (Page 330)
Search for Oscar Brown, he is found on page 330

Press and Horticulturist – Dec 4, 1897
Dr. Brown and family have settled in their new home on Olive Street. (Now Pecan St. in Wildomar.)
Wildomar Dec 8 (Special Correspondence) Mr. Burnham, who has cancer of the eye, has decided to have the eye removed. Dr. Brown was to have performed the operation yesterday, but postponed it until today, as some things he needed did not get here.

Press and Horticulturist – Dec 18, 1897
Dr. BROWN has bought the HAMPTON place. Consideration $650

The Press and Horticulturist can be read at,516533&hl=en

Another report was generated in 2006 but is not listed here.
This report was done by
JOSH SMALLWOOD, RPA of Hemet California
Photo-Documentation and Consultation with Local Community: Rudolph J. Brown Ranch, 22060 Grand Avenue, Wildomar, Riverside County, California (2006). Historical Archaeologist responsible for completing the photo-documentation and plan-view drawings of existing buildings at the Rudolph J. Brown Ranch in anticipation of the relocation or removal of the buildings as part of a proposed residential development project.


At the May 13, 2015 Wildomar City Council Meeting staff was directed to assume ownership and maintenance responsibilities for certain parcels of land lying between Grand Avenue and Palomar Street.
A total of six parcels were added to correct a 2009 agreement. APN’s 370-443-018, 370-443-019, 370-493-027, 370-493-028, 370-500-018 and 370-500-019. (Regency Heritage Park) Parcel number 370-500-020 was originally transferred along with Marna O’Brien Park, Windsong Park and an additional strip of storm channel bordering Windsong Park.
This correction to the original agreement in my opinion continues to lack the mention of two APN’s thereby leaving those two parcels in the hands of the county.

Compare to the map in the council agenda and see if you can tell which two parcels are never mentioned.

Compare to the map in the council agenda and see if you can tell which two parcels are never mentioned.
The complete picture above is on page 319 of 675

Agenda Item #1.15
Certificate of Acceptance – Regency Heritage Park and Adjacent Easements

In the background information provided by staff is the following:
The strips of land enhance the city’s trail system by connecting Palomar and Grand Avenue to the Park.

What is left out of this information is the fact this property contains easements for the free flow of water for hundreds of acres of land surrounding Regency Heritage Park (approximately 1500 cubic feet a second during a 100 year event). Regency Tract along with Heritage Tract also drain into the park and this newly acquired property at several points. This with the drainage from as far away as Marna O’Brien Park, portions of the Windmill Tract along with a large portion of the Woodmoor Tract of Homes and the hills located west of Grand Ave. Easements for utility purposes granted to Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District also occupy a portion of these properties.


A rainy day in February

A rainy day in February

Over the years parts of this property were held by the former Ortega Trails Recreation District and the County of Riverside Economic Development Agency (EDA) under the REDEVELOPMENT PROJECT AREA No. 1-1986, AMENDMENT No. 1, LAKELAND VILLAGE/WILDOMAR SUB-AREA.

Now the City of Wildomar has accepted responsibility for these lots without fully understanding the cost. Looking at the Fiscal impact statement

Maintenance of the Lots for the Trails will now be the responsibility of the City.

The city appears to be saying the cost will be funded by the Development Impact Fees for Trails even though out of the 26 foot width half is currently relegated to Storm Water Control for which we currently collect nothing in this area for maintenance.

A portion of this trail easement lies over a 30 inch storm drain pipe which is 50% occluded with sediment.


The last storm drain this city cleaned of approximately the same length and twice the diameter cost over $90,000. If this enclosed system cost half that were looking at almost 50 thousand dollars, not including the open channel portion of approximately 500 feet containing several feet of sediment, trash and weeds.

Then we have the portion under Grand Ave with a connection to the Woodmoor Tract which is filling fast with sediment.

To Woodmoor

To Woodmoor

To the hills west of Grand Ave.

To the hills west of Grand Ave.

Gates are wide open and have been for months

Gates are wide open and have been for months

Maybe you are asking what’s the big deal, the city will surely find the money to improve this trail. If the past is any indicator don’t count on it. I refer you back to a project started by the County of Riverside and lost in the transition to cityhood. The link below explains it well.
A past article about the loss of a $400,000 Redevelopment project on Palomar Bryant Streets.

Then there is the Justin T Hunt Memorial Trail located along the back side of the Windstone Tract of Homes. This 1-1/4 mile D.G. trail is in need of
1. indentity (who owns it) and what happened to the monuments that Supervisor Bob Buster’s office contributed taxpayer monies to the tune of $2,000.00 for
2. TLC numerous areas of broken fences need repair, ruts and holes need to be filled.

One entrance can be found on the mountainside of Grand Ave at the end of Gruwell St.

Gruwell Entrance and Hitching Area.

Gruwell Entrance and Hitching Area.

with the other entrance at the end of Penrose St.

Penrose Entrance - not ADA compliant.

Penrose Entrance – not ADA compliant.

Parking for those wanting security can be had along Grand Ave next to David A Brown Middle School, this is necessary due to both Penrose and Gruwell being unimproved roadways with no clear definition of where the roadway begins and ends.
More on this trail to come.


The prescient prognosticators of Wildomar seem to have a clog in the synaptic cleft causing the nerve impulses to wander into the stratosphere of the imagination.

In the Measure Z Oversight Advisory Committee “independent audit” the rainmaker relived an out of body experience explained below.

Park rehab activities at Regency – Heritage park sustained significant damage during an afternoon spring storm in which over 5 inches of rain was received in 2 hours on the freshly planted slopes. The park is part of the County flood control system and acts as a storm drain channel. With the severity of the storm and micros bursts, the channel was inundated with debris which has hampered the parks timely restoration.

Freshly Planted?, the Great Day of Service was held on October 26, 2013. This rain event sounds about as fictional as the narrative provided the League of Cities.
In which it was claimed $100,000 in donations was raised. (Only if one counts the “anonymous donor”, not, as even with the 40K promised this fell far short of 100K.

The first month with days in the spring season.

The first month with days in the spring season.

This audit is for the 2013-2014 fiscal year with the parks reopening on April 12, 2014.
In most north temperate zone locations, spring months are March, April and May, with spring beginning technically on March 20, 2014 and ending on June 20, 2014.

The month the parks opened shows just under a quarter of an inch

The month the parks opened shows just under a quarter of an inch

The bulk of Aprils rainfall, .200 fell on the 24th and 25th of the month.

Using the data available from for Wildomar which has a weather station which is located in the City of Wildomar near Durango Ct. and Union St, this places the weather station 3200 feet or 6 tenths of a mile as the crow flies from Regency Heritage Park and 2000 feet from Marna O’Brien one finds this statement to be complete fabrication of someones extremely vivid imagination as the whole rainfall season for 2013-2014 shows less half of the stated rainfall of one micro burst.
Seasonal Rainfall
Like “Punxsutawney Phil” (who was dropped on his head or “Concord Charlie” maybe even the lastest to join “Mojave Maxine” these predictions while fun to hear are about as accurate as shooting spit-wads in a hurricane.

Another bit of fiction in the claim is that Regency Heritage Park is a part of the County Flood system. Although there is an enormous volume of water channeled towards this park only a standard 10 foot wide easement for the free flow of water exist in county records.


The notion that parks are really important to this community could not be further from the truth.

Wildomar City Officials

Wildomar City Officials

Looking over the calendar for upcoming meetings in the city one can’t help wondering when the Measure Z Oversight Committee is going meet again to approve the seriously delinquent “Independent Audit”.
Hint: In the past the have met on the 4th Thursday of the month which would make the next meeting take place on January 22, 2015.
Starting on January 15, 2015 two positions should have been advertised in the local newspaper as these positions are becoming vacant.

Resolution 2013-37

Resolution 2013-37

And added surprise to the citizens of Wildomar will be the highly esteemed Standing Committee on Parks which will be meeting on January 26, 2015 usually held at 6:30 pm at City Hall. You might hear about it around January 21st.

A fine addition to the proposed Gateway Park at Malaga and Mission Trail would be this statue.

Right on the corner under the Welcome to Wildomar Sign would be a good spot.

Right on the corner under the Welcome to Wildomar Sign would be a good spot.