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In Wildomar Where Anything Goes

In Wildomar anything goes, we currently have a planning commissioner that is delinquent in paying property taxes on 15 of 16 properties owned in Riverside County. Some of these properties have delinquencies dating back to 2007. (Information currently available from the Riverside County Tax Assessors Office without a title report)

THIS PAGE HAS BEEN UPDATED COMPLETELY AS OF TUESDAY JULY 18, 2017. It is now time for the citizens of Rural Wildomar to ask for this persons removal from such an important position

This situation was first discovered while reviewing the parcel tax reports included in the CITY OF WILDOMAR MEASURE Z OVERSIGHT ADVISORY COMMITTEE AGENDA Packet for the May 25, 2017 meeting. Wherein delinquency information current as of February 22, 2016 shows this planning commissioner currently has 6 parcels that were delinquent as of the report date. (This shows that property taxes were not paid as of December 10, 2015).
I have provided the relevant pages as photos showing the properties. All one has to do is look at the who is on the planning commission to figure who is being talked about.

This issue rested in the back of my mind while I looked a little deeper into this situation. Especially after remembering that one of the delinquent properties showed up in a City Council Agenda Packet for a Special Meeting on March 29, 2017 under the Closed Session for which public comments are allowed. This closed session claims the council will Confer (have discussions; exchange opinions) with legal council and conference (a formal meeting for discussion) with real property negotiators.

The property in question showed up on the Measure Z delinquency report as being owned by this planning commissioner.

This was verified by requesting a copy of that person’s Statement of Economic Interest Form 700 (a form required to be filled out by all elected and appointed officials listed in California Government Code Section 87200) of which planning commission is one listed.
Link to pamphlet showing positions required to file Form 700, see page 3

So now you really know who the questionable character is

Something to notice about this form.
The Filed Date is April 20, 2017:
FPPC requires notification by March 1st that this form is to be submitted no later than Monday April 3, 2017 of each year. (This planning commissioner has been in this position since 2010 so he knows the drill) Also have to wonder if a fine was levied as permitted by the FPPC, the fine is $10.00 per day up to $100.00 (This form was 17 days late and as such was subject to the maximum fine of $100.00)

On April 24, 2017 this property was withdrawn from the County of Riverside Auction List, three days before the auction was to open, when the property was redeemed by the owner when they paid the property taxes for Fiscal Year 2007-2008.

Tax records pulled on June 22, 2017 show that the taxes have not been paid for Fiscal Year 2016-17.

It was discovered through further research that this person owns 16 total parcels in Riverside County. After reviewing the tax bills for these properties it was discovered that this was not a new situation for this person as several properties owe back taxes as far back as 2007 and all but one is delinquent for this past tax year.
I will not bore you with a lot tax bills. I will show the ones with prior years taxes due.
One such property is in Wildomar

Upon further inspection this property is incorrectly listed on the Form 700. The address list on the Form 700 is 32381 Christopher Ln, this address does not exist according to the County of Riverside Tax Assessor and Map My County. But a tax bill is sent to the Planning Commissioner P.O Box 1229 Wildomar, Ca 92595 for a parcel with the address of 33891 Christopher Ln, Wildomar, CA.
A complaint will be filed with the FPPC for this error and the wildomar city clerk will also be notified.

Prior Years Taxes are due on this property.

The saga continues with and additional 8 properties with past years taxes due. All of the tax records shown are also currently FY 2016-17 delinquent.

Other than some information about a defunct Domestic Non-Profit Corporation that is currently SUSPENDED by the California Secretary of State and the Franchise Tax Board my job is done. I have provide the evidence that this planning commission who cannot manage his own life should have never been on the Wildomar Planning Commission nor should he continue to be on a planning commission where he is indirectly managing the lives of the almost 36,000 residents of Wildomar.
It is now time for the residents of this RURAL Community to stand up and ask for this persons to be removed from this important position.

Unethical – At What Point?

Ethics is particularly important in public service. As a Planning Commissioner, you have been given significant authority and you are expected to use that authority with integrity. If the Planning Commission is to do its job properly and address the challenges confronting most communities, public trust and confidence is vital. High ethical standards are required to secure and maintain public trust that is essential to the planning process and to good government.

In Texas: Owing delinquent property taxes disqualifies a person from serving on the County Appraisal District (CAD) board of directors.

Few voluntary non-elected appointments have the kind of authority granted a planning commissioner. Fewer still have the ability to affect the future of a community to such a great extent

In doing so a Planning Commissioner needs to be above reproach
(1. such that no criticism can be made; perfect.)

In California maybe things are different as there is a small town where a Planning Commissioner is delinquent on the property taxes for every parcel they own in town and numerous others in the County they live in. The delinquencies also affects a parcel tax which is used to support the town’s few parks which councilmembers fawn over.

When recently brought to the attention of this towns city council members, they were quick to make excuse about why this is happening. The planning commissioner in question has a serious medical issue.

The question then becomes are these delinquencies a recent event due to this medical issue or is there a history of this type of behavior.
The answer is, there is a history. Property tax records show delinquencies on the books dating back to 2007.

This person also has a history of not completing legally required task like properly dissolving a domestic nonprofit corporation, for which this person is listed as the Agent of Service, this corporation has languished for more than two and a half decades and is currently listed as Franchise Tax Board/Secretary of State Suspended on the Secretary of State’s website.

The final question to be asked is should this person with a history of ignoring property tax law and not owning up to other legal responsibilities be allowed to continue as a planning commissioner setting the direction of growth for that city.